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doesn't drink enough milk Lock Rss

I have a 7 month old who is breast and bottle fed. ( I have started to wean this week) My one big problem is, he does not drink enough milk during the day, which is making him wake through the night. On average when he drinks from the bottle he only drinks about 120ml, and when he is breastfeeed he only drinks for about 10 minutes. He has about 4-5 feeds per day. Does this sound normal? Are there any tips to make him drink more? He has been on solids for about a month and loves his food and usually has 3 meals a day. Today he flat out refused the bottle and only wanted to breast. Would love to hear from anyone with advice. Thanks

10 month baby boy. VIC

Have you thought about increasing his solids intake? He may just not be thirsty but when he is waking through the night he may be hungry. My daughter only takes four bottles of 150mls a day (she is four and a half months) and she is fine. I wouldn't stress too much about the amount of liquid as long as he is still gaining weight. Also, have you tried Ribena and water? Sometimes Char will drink that but not her formula. Good luck.
Your baby's milk intake sounds fine to me - especially with 3 meals of solids. My baby rarely drinks at the breast for 10 minutes - that is a good feed if he does. At this age they are very efficient at feeding and can take a full feed at the breast in 5 minutes or less.

His night waking may have more to do with habit, or not being able to get back to sleep when he wakes, than with hunger. A lot of babies don't sleep through the night at this age.

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

I was worried about my 9mth old boy not drinking enough. He is fully bottle fed and has 3 good solid meals a day.

In the morning he'll have 180ml and about the same sometimes less in the evening however won't touch a drop throughout the day.

I have tried water and juice in a bottle and cup with a spout but not interested, just started offering diluted juice in a cup with no spout and quite likes it. It's a bit tedious but he's sipping it.

I was told that as long as he has plenty of wet nappies and seems fine then he is getting enough.

I also found that when I introduced solids (3 a day) he slowly reduced the qty of milk then the number of bottles per day.

Good luck.
Since my daughter was about 9 months old she has reduced the amount of milk that she wants. She will have 100mls in her cereal in the morning and usually another 100ml in the bottle. Then another 100mls in the afternoon and either 100 or 200mls before bed (if I can get her to drink the extra 100). When I spoke to the CAFHS nurse about it she said it was fine, as long as you make up the extra with other dairy products, such as cheese, custard, yoghurt and she even suggested icecream.

Hope this helps.


Tracy, SA, DD 15/3/04 & TTC #2

My 7mo son drinks 160-180mls when he has his bottles of expressed milk. He feeds very quickly off me now (5-10mins) so not sure how much he's taking in. Most days he feeds 4hrly but sometimes at night it can last 5-6hrs before his next feed.
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