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3 month old? How many bottles? Lock Rss


Just curious to find out 'How many bottle do other parents give their babies that are around 3 months old & how much is in each bottle. Do you stick to a routine? Or is it just every 4 hours or is it 9am, 1pm, 3pm etc?

My Baby Boy Tyson has 6 bottles with 240mls of s26, he feeds every 4 hours sometimes 3 hours. He is still waking over night for a feed aswell.

What are your bottle fed babies doing?
My DD is 5 months tommorrow but she had 4 bottles of 250ml in each. She sometimes drinks all, but on average she has about 200ml each time.

She does not wake for a fifth bottle overnight so I assuming she is getting enough. I always have a fifth bottle made up in case she needs it.
My little bub is also 3 months old. He drinks 4-5 bottles a day. Usually 3 bottles of 180mls and 2 bottle of 120mls. I usually feed him 180mls around 7:30pm, then the next morning when he wakes up around 7-8am he drinks 120mls. From then on its 180mls every 4 hours. Sometimes he may wake up for an early morning feed which is usually about 120mls.

Your boy seems to drink alot but just check his height and weight are proportionate. Do you mind sharing this info?

Dylan 07/07/06 & Ryan 17/10/08

Yes, I have learnt now not to trust the ultrasound!!!
Hi my boy is 11weeks old he has 4x120/180ml bottles n abit of a boob top up inbetween the bottles. His last bottle is at 6pm he is sleeping 10/12 hours but have noticed his soft spot is a bit sunken in by the morning. Hes a big boy he is 64cms and 7.25 2weeks ago when he was weighed but wondering so i cut the boob out n give him bigger bottles every 3hours not 4
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