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Night Feeding Lock Rss

I have a 4 month old baby, and am just wondering when night feeds are meant to stop. I keep getting differant information from everyone. My little boy wakes each night between 12-3 for one feed then goes straight back to sleep until between 5-7am. Sometimes when he wakes if I catch him early on I can put the dummy in and I get another 1-2 hours before he wakes again, but it just seems easier to feed him because then he sleeps till the morning. Any ideas??? I have heard of decreasing the amount in his bottles each night until eventually he doesn't need it - Has anyone tried this?

Deena NZ New mum

I started giving my daughter only water. It didn't take too long before she stopped waking for that feed!!
Hi deena,
Once babies are 6 months old they do not need to have a middle of the night feed - after 6 months night feeding is more about comfort and sleep rather than hunger. My daughter slept through once at 7 weeks, then again at 10 weeks. After she did this I figured she could continue to do it - she obviously wasn't starving. So when she woke for her feed I would re-wrap her firmly and pat her bottom for a minute and she would drift back to sleep - I think I'm one of the luckier ones! However, she did start to wake again at 20 weeks but starting solids fixed that. I agree that sometimes it is better to give them the feed and then you get more sleep opposed to them crying for a feed. If you don't mind giving the feed you don't have to stop. It's really up to you. I don't have any fancy strategies because I didn't need them - sorry - let me know how it goes.
Hi KJ,
Thanks for the advice. Kiefer woke twice last night for a feed (lucky me!!) Once at 10.30pm and 3.30pm and all day yesterday he seemed really hungry. He may be going through a growth spurt, but I have decided to try a teaspoon or two of solids today to see how he goes. He will be 18 weeks on Sunday and turns 4 months today. He has slept through the night before but that has been when I haven't been able to get him to sleep all day (yes, he can go all day with no sleep!!) I find the whole feeding process quite confusing and have done since he was born. I tried breastfeeding but he was continually on me for 1 1/2 weeks and lost weight at the end of that so I transferred him to formula. Sometimes I go in when he is crying at night and stick the dummy in and give him a stroke on the face (he likes this) but when I leave the room I hear him spit the dummy and continue the crying. I am hoping that one night he will just sleep through and continue to do so. I get enough sleep its just the break in the sleep that wears me out. Other then that he is a little gem and everyday he amazes me with what he can do. So heres hoping to one night being able to sleep through to a reasonable hour - lucky for me I am use to getting up at 5.30am when I was at work so this would be reasonable to me!!!

Deena NZ New mum

Hi deena

My little girl is 7 1/2 months now and only stopped waking for the night fight after she hit the 6 month barrier. I would give it at least another month or so and he should get into a routine. Once he starts eating his solids he should have his feed and will rairly wake for a night feed. Good luck and it wont last much longer, but remember that all babies develop at their own speed

Hi Deena

My little girl is 5months old and still wakes at least once a night for feeds. She is finally in a routine now, she's in bed at 7.30pm each night after a bottle, some rice cereal, then a bath and massage then she's awake between 12-1am for a feed (she usually completely drains a bottle so i figure she's hungry), straight back to sleep (usually) before getting up between 5-6am.

We saw her pediatrician on 10/11 for a check up and i ran this past him and he said that's very normal, its not unusual at all for babies of her age to still need a feed or two during the night....

I guess all we can do is stick it out until they dont need the feed any more.

Hope your going ok

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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