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I have 7wk old boy i am having trouble burping him, after his feed he goes to sleep and can't get him to burp. can you tell me the best way to burp.
Hi Nila,

I had a very colicky baby & I found the best way to burp was to rub up his back in short firm strokes(as opposed to up & down or patting). I also found some magic stuff called "Infants Friend" helped him to be able to release the wind. I think its all trial & error. Does he wake up with tummy pain ?. If not it probably doesn't matter that he hasn't burped ?. Good Luck.
Hi Nila,
I found my daughter very hard to burp, until my mum came to stay after she was born and said to lay her down on her back for about 10-15 seconds and then bring her back up and pat, it worked every time. Hope this helps.

DD 20.10.04 & DS 04.11.95

The stomach is located toward the right side so do most of your patting there. I also find that holding bub up me (so he's upright) and patting his bottom in an upward direction seems to giggle him around enough to form a burp.
Elissa doesn't always part willingly with her wind either. We found that by lying her on her back for a few minutes then sitting her up usually worked. The problem with this now is that because she is a chucky baby she will usually bring up a bit of her bottle with it!!!!!!!! Also putting them over your shoulder is effective.

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

I remember it used to take Rhys forever to burp sometimes! Hubby discovered he burped better when held upright over the shoulder (covered with a spare nappy or teatowel to catch any blurps) patted closer to the right hand side of his back.
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