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Hi all,
I know this sounds gross but can anyone tell me whether a bottlefed baby should be having very runny stools when exclusively bottlefed. Everything ive read says that bottlefed bubs stools are usually firmer than breastfed. My little ones are constantly very loose and she also has ecxzema which is not clearing even though ive stopped using all soap and changed washing powder. Im abit worried that the formula is reacting with her and causing the loose stools but im not sure if that is just normal. She is on SMA. Thanks Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Dawn...
Isabella is bottle fed and her poo's are always firm although once a blue moon she gets a runny one. She is on Karicare Gold... From what I know bottle fed babies stools should be solid and smooth. If you are worried you should speak to your CHN or GP...
Sorry I cant be of much help!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

When you say runny, are you meaning like really runny or just soggy i.e. not hard? You should have poo in the nappy, it shouldn't be all water and it shouldn't be very very light. If this is the case then you may need to get bub checked out for a tummy bug.
There is definatly poo in there. Its what i would describe as mush. Its not tummy bug poo. I am concerened, because it used to be very hard and now its not and she has recently come up in exzcema which im haveing trouble finding the cause of that, im wondering if the two are related to the formula. Im abit worried about changing. and wouldnt have a clue what to change to as there are so many and it could end up very expensive. Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hmmm. Can't really help with the exzema thing. Have you had it checked out with your GP? My son is on NAN Gold HA and his stools are mush. Not firm but I think they mean that breastfeed babies are quite a bit runnier. Now that hes on solids its hardening up a bit more. If you are concerned it wouldnt' hurt to visit your GP.....

I have a 3.5mth old whose nappy contents sound the same as yours. She is bottle fed on S-26, has reflux & excema. It is possible that it is related to the formula but you need to talk to your GP or child nealth nurse before you start mucking around with formula. We recently swapped to infa soy to see if that helped the excema & reflux but after 24hrs of constant screaming, vomiting whole feeds & diarrhea we switched back & she is much more settled. Good luck with it - excema is hard work & sometimes you don't get any answers.


Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

By the sounds of it, your bub may be reacting to the formula itself...

With eczema as well, I wonder if bub is not digesting the formula well and just getting rid of it...

It seems like a consistant problem for you... I would check your child for dairy intolerance... as most formulas are cows milk based whey...

Failing that, for eczema, find a product called 'Am-O-Lin' it is a liquid detergent for sensitive skin and baby's washing...

Keep us posted, and good luck

Jenn, mother of Emily born boxing day
Hi Dawn,
I can't really help you with the contents of the nappy issue as my daughter is still being brestfed however my daughter also has eczema and our GP recommended that we use a product called QV (you can get the wash and the bath oil) and this really has helped my baby. I was also told to use a cream called hydroderm 4 times a day and this has also helped. All these can be bought at the chemist (no prescription needed).

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

My son is & weeks old and has been bottle fed since 4 weeks. He has runny poo. It doesnt look much different to the breast fed poo i dont think.
he will do a nugget pooo that is very firm but not constpated. He will do several of those for up to 2 days. Than He will do a runny poo. Pasty, looks like peanut butter a bit, but not runny like dripping out of the nappy. Kinda like a cake when its that runny hehe.
HEs a happy healthy baby and I know by his tummy when hes due for a whopper. I wouldnt worry about it. Its all normal unless like they said its like water.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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