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Breastfeeding and pressure to bottle feed Lock Rss

I guess I am having a winge as I am breastfeeding 9mth old twins and have gone through mastitis 9 times in the first 5 months and now I am through it and travelling along well. I am sick of family and friends in the older generation telling me I should put my twins on the bottle. I love feeding my kids and although at times we have had difficult periods I am upset that they keep telling me my babies are to old to breast feed and should start a bottle. At times they refuse to feed through the day particually after they have eaten their solids and have a full tummy and this is usually when this is mentioned to me. One relative even told me it makes her sick to see a mother feeding babies older than 6-8 mths as they aren't babies anymore. It has also been suggested that my milk is no good anymore which I do not believe for a second. That really got to me it is only that I am stubborn that I continue. I plan to feed them onto cows milk and will stop when I am ready to stop and not before, some time after 12 months of age and not before. Does anyone else here experience this kind of pressure and how do you deal with it? Thanks for listening. Kerryn

Kerryn 23mth old girl & 11mth b/g twins

I think I must have a serious 'don't mess with me' look about me. I never get any comments in public etc. Occasionally I get asked 'do you still feed him yourself' to which I reply 'yes' and they reply 'oh'. But that's as far as the conversation ever goes!

As far as my relatives go... they know better than to ask me or comment on my decisions! I did have lots of trouble in the early days - fortunately only 1 bout of mastitus - but my mother actually told me to use my stubborn streak and bloody mindedness to see it through!

Kudos to you for knowing what you want to do and going ahead and doing it. As for your relatives, perhaps suggest to them that if the sight of a baby being fed is nauseating to them, they might like to leave the room for a while. Other than that, just smile, continue doing what you're doing and know that you are giving your babies the best start possible in life.

I too must have a "dont mess with me look" as nobody has ever said anything to me also. I know my MIL doesnt approve, but would have the gaul to say anything.

For what its worth, I thing you are doing an amazing job. Just smile and ignore them. Or kindly thank them for their advice and continue doing what you are doing. Im with the PP, If it makes her feel sick I would be saying "Well the door is over there and free to use"

Keep up the good work!

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

OMG People will always put their 2 cents worth in and comment on your ways. I solely breastfeed my DD and am sick to death of people saying to me to switch to formula because my DD is not gaining enough weight, mind you she is the most happiest little girl and is quite content. A classic comment was ... "maybe the quality of your milk is not good enough"..... I had to walk out!!
What I say now is... "How do third world countries feed their babies?"

In one ear and out the other........

DK, Lexi..9mths and neally walking....

i just wanted to say good on you! you are amazing to still be breastfeeding twins at 9mths!
my DS is 5 1/2mths and i ocasionaly get asked if im still breastfeeding, and just say yes and dont go into it anyfurther!
i honestly don't see what the problem is, people know breast is best, why do they have to have a problem with it?
i thought that it was recomended to feed for up 2 2 yrs anyway.

i don't really have any advice but good on you and stick to you guns because only you know what is right for your children and no one else!
and as for the comment about bubs 6mths not babies anymore??!?!? i had to laugh lol.

Sarah, NZ, Isaac 2.5yrs


Usually it is people telling you that you shouldn't be bottle feeding, not breastfeeding. How dare they say things like that to you. It is absolutly wonderful that you are still breast feeding one baby little own two. Your milk will be fine, it adapts to the needs of the baby that you are feeding. At times people constantly ask me why I am still breast feeding. I just tell them the truth. It is free, it is the best for them and that it is made for them. I wouldn't worry about them.

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd


I have a similar problem. I have an 11mth old and have just started to wean her off onto a bottle. I feed her 2 formula feeds & 1 BF a day. Within my group of friends I am the only one who BF and sometimes I am made to feel guilty about it. On the other hand my community nurse would not give me any advice on how to switch to formula as she said I should BF until she is 2. I think that you need to do what suits you and not worry about what others think. It use to be the other way around, people would talk or make comment if you didnt BF and now it seems bad to BF a baby who is older than 6mths.
Hi Kerryn I breastfeed my daughter to she was 15 months old and I enjoy every minute of it and who cares how other people care and its not about them and what they want cause its what you want for your children and if they a happy with your boobs than thats all that matters and if you still have tones of milk than its fine for your babies to have it instead of the bottle and I reckon keep doing what you are doing and keep breastfeeding til you want to stop or til the babies wean themselfs off.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Kerryn,
Karryn I'd firstly like to congratulations on doing such a great job, there is nothin quite like the feeling of feeding your little ones and seeing them thrive on your milk. Don't let anyone tell you differently. I breastfed my twins until they were two years and four months old and my little boy at that time would get up in his cot and ask for 'boo-boo'. They are four and a half now. At the time I also copped a lot of rude remarks from people close to me, one friend said that she was revulted by even thinking about it. I did not care. My twins loved it and I loved it and I'm hoping that with my little one now who's 10 months old I can do the same.

Good luck and Good on you.

kinga,SA, fourth on the way

I have just weaned my 16 month old, i too got the oh you are still feeding. I always felt i had to justify why i was still doing it. How horrible for someone to tell you that it makes them sick to see you breasfeed. They are still babies at this age, you should be commended for breastfeeding twins, omg you are supermum. Its hard to deal with the pressure they obviously are ignorant to the benefits of breasfeeding, i find the ones that are so quick to judge are the ones that never stuck it out themselves. You do whats best for your bubbies, and if it upsets you, perhaps you should let them know how you feel. Good luck.

Jodee,W.A,20month baby

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