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SAMMIE, QLD, 6mth baby boy

Hi Samee,
My little girl got her two bottom teeth at exactly 6 months. She was a bit grumpy for about a month before and pretty miserable for about 3 days before they cut. I gave her panadol a couple of times but other then that just cold teethers to chew and lots of cuddles. She also got a slight cold when her teeth where cutting through, don't know if it was related?? She also just sarted to crawl yesturday (7 1/4 mths)

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

My son got his first tooth at almost 8 mths. I think he was a late starter though! He is now 11mths and has 4 teeth. Unfortunately the poor kids gotten really sick each time he's cut a tooth. He gets a high fever 41.5 degrees, and then an infection (bronchiolitis, then throat and ear infection, then another throat infection, then a cold!!). At first I thought it was coincidence but after tooth 4 I am convinced that teething for him is associated with illness!!! Poor kid!! He's got way too many more teeth to come!

As for crawling, James was almost 8 months. I think 7-9 months is average but not certain. Cheers Di

All babies are different - in my case, very very very different. My twins will be 12 months next week. My daughter has 8 teeth already, with the first one cutting through when she was about 7.5 months. Her twin brother does not have a single tooth, although the signs of the bottom two are there. My hubby is hoping for his teeth to cut through in time for his first bithday. He's got 7 days left!! We were lucky - my daughter carried on as usual will no fevers or crankiness while teething.

With crawling, my daughter started first at around 7 months and her brother followed about 2-3 weeks later.

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

You see the difference up close having twins!

My bub got his 2 bottom teeth at 4 1/2 mths. My mother in law said hubby got his teeth at 3mths so whether early teething is hereditory or not.

Rhys has started commando crawling in the last couple of weeks when he was around 7 1/2 mths.
Hi Samee
my 2 cents worth....I'm not sure about the average ages, but for us, first tooth was age 10 months. Really grizzly and clingy (bonus is lots of lovely cuddles) for about 2 weeks prior to tooth appearing.
Commando crawling 7 1/2 months, hands and knees crawling 8 1/2 months.
They're all different aye?!
hi my daughter is a few days over 5 months she has started teething a few weeks but the last week it has come to the gum but hasnt cut through yet she has been a bit grizzly but thats about all, and with crawling well she is almost there she can lift her self on her knees but not quiet fully then she moves herself backwards but i think she will be crwaing before she is 6 months. and she also sits up unsupported but have to but a pillow behind her as she tends to throw herself back at the moment, well as u can see every baby is different there isnt really an average age some are late some are early jus depends on them so just go with the flow...........

cheers shelley

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

Teething is an individual thing for all babies. They handle it differently & start at dufferent ages. My first breezed thru all her teeth but my 2nd made sure we suffered right along with her!!!! Elissa is 4 1/2 mths & starting to bite down on things & dribble heaps & fuss with the occassional bottle - teeth are on the way - wonder what we will get this time!!!! Good luck with it all - hope its not too traumatic for you

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3


my son is eight months old and he got his first tooth yesterday. He wasnt very grumpy just chewing down hard on a rubber duck.

He started crawling at 5 months, so i agree all bubs are different.

carly,nsw,7 1/2 mth baby

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