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6 mnth old baby refusing breast milk from breast Lock Rss

I have a baby nearly 6 months old. He has been fully breastfed and is not yet eating solids. He does not have any other fluids. Yesterday he started refusing proper breast feeds. He will only snack for a couple of minutes at both breasts, the whole time he punches and belts at the breasts and pulls off constantly. I know it is not my letdown reflex as that is working fine. I know it is not the amount of milk I am producing as when he starts crying and will no longer stay on the breast I pump it off and I am pumping off more than 60ml in each breast. This is my fifth child and I successfully breast fed my third and fourth child until they were two. I have never encountered this problem before. It does not appear to be a growth spurt as usually this means they do not get enough and you need to supplement. It does not appear to be the taste of the breast milk, as in the end I decided to feed him previously expressed milk from the bottle and he drank 100ml without even coming off for a burp. He then was so settled he went to sleep. I haven't been using any different washing powders, deodorants, soaps, perfumes etc.... It seems to be that he is just having a problem with my equipment and I dont know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else. Please if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.
Rhys is only my first but I've found that he seems to 'snack' when his gums hurt from teething. Or he'll have a nibble in the afternoon and go back to playing, but at the next feed he'll be really thirsty. I think that was his way of reducing his feeds.
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My sister-in-law was telling me her first at around six months just decided that she didn't want the breast any more (she was on solids too). My s-i-l was devistated as she wasn't prepared to wean.

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Hi everyone

Thankyou all for your replies. It was really strange. Last night he had a really good long feed again and also this morning. But during the day to day he has been fussing again. I have noticed today he is totally refusing the left side. He may well be teething he is certainly close in age to that time, although nothing has appeared yet. I sincerely hope it is only that and not anything else as I certainly am not ready to stop breastfeeding him. So thanks again guys. I feel a little better about it today. Maybe I will just give him some time, In the meantime I guess I will just keep expressing what he doesnt want to keep my supply strong.
i would say that your son is deff teething as my bub did the same thing at 5 months. i had to stop feeding at 7 months cause he had cut 4 teeth in 5 weeks and desided that biting was fun. unfortunately he wouldnt stop sad
i wish you luck and dont give up.
maybe you could introduse a lunch time solid to keep up his food???


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