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Supplements when BF Rss

My DD is 9 months and I am still BF her. At the moment I am taking Blackmores Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Gold Formula supplements everyday (was taking Elevit prior to this but it was getting too expensive so I changed). I was wondering what others were taking (if anything) as I am not sure if I still need to take them or not. I have a pretty good diet and so does DD now she is on solids.

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A friend of mine works at the chemist, and she gave me about a dozen bottles of the Blackmores formula that you are talking about, because she thinks it's so good! To be honest, I forget to take it every day, and only really take it sporadically. I thought it helped in the earlier months when I didnt have any energy to do much at all, but these days I'm getting a lot more sleep!

My friend also said that you can take it once youve stopped breastfeeding, as it is a good supplement for women in general. Basically, if you feel a bit run down, then take it, but if youre eating really well and getting lots of sleep and feel fine (and DD does too), then I dont suppose you need it.


PS for anyone who's interested, with vitamins and supplements etc they are still ok to take up to a year after their 'best before' date.

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If you have a good/ok diet it is completely unesecary to take any supplements at all, basically its a money spinner, of course if your feeling run down or have been sick its probably a diffrent story, personally i dont take anything, never have with any of the kids if your healthy its a waste of money

p.s if you want more info check out the aba website for some really good info, there is actually an article on there site about this

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