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How to survive a 3 day break in breastfeeding? Lock Rss

Hey girls

My darling Daughter is 9months and has been an awsome feeder. She loves it so much she gets this lok of "ahh thats the stuff" on her face when she latches on! We love to snuggle in bed together and have a nice feed-often we both drop off to sleep there!She is my thirs and possibly my last for a good 4 years so i wanna savour every moment i can!

My issue is that in March i have to go to Sydney for three days without her to a womens confrence and at this stage i dont think either of us will be ready to end our feed times even though she will be 12 months! She probably wont feed much past 14months but i want it to be OUR decision to end it!

Any ideas of how we can make sure we dont loose our feeding times even though we have to have a three day seperation-i know i can express off but Molly has never taken a bottol and still wont so im worried about her fluid intake-she will drink from a sippy cup, but she still feeds HEAPS-i dont restrict her feeding-and she still feeds during the night-my poor bella!!

Any advice? anyone survived a break like this one?
thanks for listening to me sook!

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

If you can actively encourage her use of a sippy cup between now and March, you wont have a problem. I recommend using a straw cup as well, they are good for day use as bubs can sit up and use them, where sippies you need to lay back.

You may find by 12 months that your bubs will have reduced her BF's. A lot of babies start to fuss from around now (9 months) and often start dropping a feed or two.

I'm sure it will go well as long as you are calm and casual about it, as bubs may pick up on your stress and act up. She will be just fine for 3 days. Its amazing how quickly they forget about you once you have walked out the door.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


You could try putting breastmilk into a sippy cup or bottle now and encourage her to use it. I wouldn't worry too much becasuse what it comes down to is that if your baby is thirsty/hungry she will drink no matter where it is coming from. Of worse comes to worse she can always be siringe fed.

Hope i have helped

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

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