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How much formula for 9-10 month old? Lock Rss

Hi there

My little one is nearly 10 months old, and the other week at her 9 month health check I told the nurse that she has 3 x 200 ml bottle feeds per day, and the nurse's response was 'I guess I can live with that'. Overall I have not had a great experience with the health nurses at my clinic (to the point where I am actually thinking of changing clinics) so didn't pipe up and ask her exactly what she meant by that. I would have thought that 3 x 200ml bottles per day was pretty much standard (and not at all excessive) for a 9 month old?

I would love to know what others around Sophie's age are doing? She also has full cream milk on her breakfast cereal and enjoys custard, and until she had gastro 2 weeks ago was eating yoghurt with fruit every day (but her tummy is still a little sensitive so need to re-introduce it gradually).

Penny, NSW, Sophie (14.07.04), Paddy (22.09.06)

I think 600ml is spot on perfect, isn't it? That's what's reccommended once they're eating 3 x solids a day. It sounds like your health nurse doesn't have great communication skills. She should know better knowing how us mums worry, and be clear in her communication.

I had such a good baby health nurse when my son was a baby. No matter how bad things had been she would always say ' you're doing such a great job. You're a wonderful mum. etc etc. Even though I knew she said it to everyone it still made me feel good!

Sounds like Sophie is doing great (You're a wonderful mum! LOL)

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

My little one Charlie is almost 8 months, has been bottle fed almost from birth and I have always struggled to get him to drink the "right" amount. I finally decided that he will let me know how much he wants and whilst he is eating three meals a day and all the 'inbetweens' I have tried to not let it worry me so much. He is weeing fine and has beautiful pink skin so I think there is not too much to worry about. He drinks about 3 x 200 ml bottles but sometimes that will be 200ml at one time and sometimes that will be 100ml every hour or so. I just figure that he will drink when he needs to. I also separate his meals and the bottles. He doesn't seem to want them both at the same time and he seems to do much better this way. He also seems to drink better later in the day.
Don't stress too much, your CHN should know better, you are a good mum and I'm sure you are doing the right thing for your little one!

Helen & Charlie, Vic

Hi There
I agree with you all. I have a 9mth old son and was worried that he wasnt drinking enough formula. After speaking to my mum and doctor we came to the conclusion. He eats 3 main meals a day has snacks in between and as long as he is putting on weight and is happy then dont worry.
I think we all as mums worry about the right and wrong way to do things according to what the "ëxperts" say. My son some days drinks only 2 to 2 1/2 200ml bottles a day. i know he is happy, healthy and not hungry. And i think that as mothers that is all we can ever wish for.
Try not to let it worry you too much, if they are hungry they WILL let us know.
Thanks so much for your lovely responses. I promise I will not be concerned any longer.....well not about the formula at least!! I agree that we should go with our mothers instinct rather than what the experts tell us we should be doing. I thought I was doing really well to cut Sophie back to 3 x 200 ml bottles, as she has always been more fond of milk than food - although in the past few days I can see that turning around, which is a great sign.

Thanks again. We are ALL great mums!

Penny, NSW, Sophie (14.07.04), Paddy (22.09.06)

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