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Forced to bottle due to work Lock Rss

Hi Girls & Guys

Unfortunately I am one of those mothers that love looking after my 14wko but am forced to go back to work to make ends meet and put food on the table for my 2 kiddies.

My son is almost 4mths old and is fully breast fed, I still want to BF but have to wean him onto a bottle for the daycare he will be going to when he is 7mths. I'm not keen on expressing as I don't trust the care of the breast milk bottle will be looked after properly, you know in case the fridge door isn't closed properly or accidently m/waved...

Has anyone had to go through the same thing? If so how is the best way to wean him onto bottled formular in the day but BF for AM & PM?
I thought maybe get my neighbour to feed him and go into the daycare and try them on it so he gets use to other people feeding him via bottle during the day than having to fight him away from my breasts Ha ha.


I too bf and work. Sorryu I have no advice on the bottle as neither of mine have had one. DD2 srinks her EBM out of a straw cup.

As for your concerns re EBM storage, EBM can actually be left at room temperature for 10hours so, if there are storage issues it should not affect it. Also, although it is not ideal to microwave bm, it doesnt actually make it undrinkable, just kills some of the good stuff ie antibodies.

BM has antimicrobial properties so it is actually "safer" for want of a better word then formula in not ideal storage situations IYKWIM.

Is your son going to a CCC? If so as part of their accreditation they must check and record fridge temps daily and do not use microwaves for heating any milk to give to babies.

If you do partially ween onto the bottle, just be aware that SOME babies will breast refuse after taking a bottle for more then one feed as it is different/easier to get the milk. There are some teats on the market now that are meant to more closely mimic the bf action.

GoodLuck in what ever you decide. I think you are wise to start thinking of this now as some babies take a while to take to the bottle, especially after 3 mths.

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

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