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Trying to wean from breast. Lock Rss


Does anyone have any ideas? My little girl is almost one and i am wanting to wean her but i am having great difficulties. She won't have anything other than breast milk, water or juice and water mixed together. She has a cows milk allergy so she is on soy products. She won't touch the soy formula. She has been having soy milk on her cereal, soy cream cheese on her cruskits and soy yogurt which she loves and i tried to give her the straight soy milk and she won't drink it, she has a couple of sips and pulls faces and then won't have any more. I mix her solids up so she doesn't get the same thing all the time so i don't think she would ahve had a chance to egt sick of it yet. I can't express as i don't have any extra. I have tried a bottle and a cup. I thougth with all the soy stuff she had been eating she wouldn't have a problem drinking it.

Anyone been through this? I will keep her on the breast for as long as i need to to get her to have the other milk but i would like some advice that might help me get there sooner.


Cassie,NSW, Blair 27/9/01, Mackenzie 19/5/04

Ben is 13 months and won't drink milk either. If you can get the equivelant of 600ml of milk through soy products, you can wean without giving her extra milk - just juice and water.

Sounds like she really likes bfing though - could you just feed her morning and night for a few more months? I just feed Ben at naptimes and once at night so he has 3 feeds in 24 hours, yeh I'm sick of it sometimes, but it won't last forever and it is so good for them - especially as they enter that fussy second year.

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

Hi Cassie

I agree with Tania. 3 serves of calcium enriched soy products will take care of her calcium needs ... but maybe DD is just not ready to give up the BFing?? I have a 2yr 3mth old who just has the breast when going to sleep. If the morning, night and nap breastfeeding is an option for you, it might be a compromise you can reach with her??

Let us know how it goes.

Hi Cassie,

I agree with the other mums that there's a good chance that bub is getting enough Ca. from her other meals and soy products.
I weaned my son at 11months but by then he was having only one b/feed a day (first thing in the morning) - as he started to eat more I cut out his b/feeds.

Ca. probably not a problem, how do you go with iron as its needed in large quantities at this age ( as much as a man)? Milo is enriched with iron. Maybe you could add a little milo to one drink of milk a day? Probably a bad habbit to make all drinks choc. but what about something more natural like a couple of drops of vanilla essence or a little honey in her milk? If she starts to drink it you could cut back the amount of vanilla/honey slowly?
Hope this helps!
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