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Babys Formula Tastes Off Lock Rss

My partner made up a bottle of formula for our daughter just an hour ago. He tasted it and noticed an off taste to it. I then tasted it and noticed the same. He mixed up another bottle and we both noticed an off taste to that one as well. Im not sure if it is meant to taste this way as I have never tasted her formula before. The expiry date on the can is still valid so I am a little confused as to what to think. Does anyone know what it should taste like? If it matters, she's on Nan Ha1 Gold.
All I know is formula does taste foul (IMO), maybe it's supposed to taste like that. It's not a sour, curdled smell, is it?

Tania, NSW - Mum to 4, Number 5 due Feb 07

Hi Vashanti,

All formula's are made with different measurements and they all taste different.

From birth my daughter was put on S-26 Gold through till recently when I change her over to Karicare Gold Toddler (because it has more nutrients).

At uncertain times when testing the temperature I'd actually taste the formula myself. S-26 Gold has a different taste from Karicare becuase of the different ingredients they use in their formulas.

I gave her Karicare when she was younger too just to see if she likes the taste and because Karicare has fish oils in their formula theres a slight odour scent and most babies dont like the taste. So what I do is mix her formula with Pura Milk Gold (extra creamy) to give it a more favourable taste.

Just check with other formula cartoons (of the same brand u are using at current) to see if there's a diference. If there is I advise you to contact the manufactuar and change the brand you use.

All the best,

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