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how do you know if you dont have enough milk? Lock Rss

hi guys,
Kayden hasnt been putting as much weight on lately, he is 4mnth 3wks and weighs 7.5kg he has only put on 20grams in 2 weeks.

He has been teething because he got his 2nd tooth on 2days ago. While this has been happening he has woken up 1-2 times a night to have the dummy, and normally goes back to sleep. But just tonight i thought hmmm, i might give him some formula also and see if he will sleep through the night?! before i fed him it didnt feel like i had much milk, like my boobs wernt FULL. i gave formula to him after he had a feed, and he took anoter 100mls!

I dont know when or how to tell if i dont have enough milk, and maybe he isnt sleeping through the night any more because he isnt getting enough milk?!

What do you think? or why is this happening? do you have any suggestions? or has this happend to you before? -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Leia
Can't tell you about not enough milk, I was lucky not to have that problem for many months BUT I do know that teething is sure to disturb their sleep the appropriate dose of panadol won't do any harm and a good teething gel which is best kept in the fridge. Poor little guy getting teeth so early, I know many do but my kids didn't get teeth until 7 - 8 months. He is probably also going through a growth spurt and when that happens they want more feeds and often it effects their sleeping patterns (which sometimes change at such a time).
Personally I don't like teething rusks but that's only because my youngest almost choked on a rusk (up until then I'd always offered them). Regardless, it's cheaper in the long run to invest in a few good quality teethers and cycle them between baby, washing up and fridge.
Hope this helps!

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

I reckon it is casue hes not getting enough milk but i read somewhere that our milk supply goes down when they teeth i dont know where. i guess they dont suck as hard casue it hurts. t night b4 bed like you did, he will gain the weight and sleep through aswell. just tr it for a week if it works than u have ur answer

mum to bayden 25/02/05

The easiest way to increase your supply is to feed more often. Sorry I know it can be annoying but it is the way to go. You can expect around six months for the bub to be wanting increased feeds again. They do it for a reason its there way of telling your body hey my tummy is bigger and I am doing more and need more energy and please change and meet my demands. Try the Australian Breast Feeding Association website where you can read heaps on the forum or get in contact with a counsellor. Good luck and stick with it, watch your babies weight gain over a month and you should see a noticable change. I often wake up with breasts that feel empty but I feed and can her my little one gulping down the milk my body has just gotten better at what it is doing. It takes a week or so but it should settle down.


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