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Rejecting the boob Lock Rss

I'm feeling a little sad because I wanted to breastfeed Kailee (15weeks) till she was at least 12 months, but my milk supply is drying up and I've had to give regular top ups with formula. I always try giving the boob first. She adores formula; she holds the bottle with both hands and its the end of the world if you try to take it away even if she's clearly full. She has been gaining weight beautifully about 240g per week.

The problem is that this smart cookie has worked out that if she doesn't take the boob she'll get the bottle so she screams kicks and arches her back when I put her to the boob I give her a rest then try the other side but she does the same thing so I make her a bottle and she takes about 120mls. What should I do? I really don't want to express for personal reasons, but I'll be really sad if I can't breastfeed anymore. Coincidently, when my son was exactly this age he too started rejecting the boob.


i had to stop breast feeding from loss of ilk. I had the same problem and i reluctantly HAD to give up. express wasnt getting my milk out, i was stressed and upset and i got depression for a bit.
Once a baby has had a bottle they most likely wont go back to boob. I tried and tried but to no prevail. I dont know how to help you, but ill give u support I know how it feels. Maybe if your babe is hungry enough she will take the boob...but than they can hold their breaths and stuff for minutes without a problem so she mite not eat. I dont know...
good luck keep me informed so I will know 4 my 2nd

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My bub is nealry 6 months shes on 3 solids feeds a day now and for the last week shes been rejecting the boob too. Im not sure why though. She too throws herself backwards and arches her back and screams extremly loud. SO i tried offering her a bottle as i was supp feeding a few months back but since starting solids she hasnt needed it (or so i thought) she gusseled it down and now shes rejecting all the feeds i offer her. Strange thing is though normally i have heaps of milk but even though shes been having very small feeds from me im not getting engorged as quickly as i was i used to have to feed 2hrly so i wanst full now i can go 1/2 to full day. Weird. Shes always loved her feeds sooooooooooooo much. I was thinking of weaning soon anyway as ive had mastitis 7x in 5 months and im sick of feeling sick constantly from it. Hope all works out for you....
Hello sweetpea,
Don't beat yourself up and don't worry too much about all the breast is best advice, we all know it's true and you don't need to be reminded, therefore adding to your distress. If it's any comfort, a lactation specialist told me the biggest boost to baby as far as bf is concerned, comes in the first 4 weeks. After that initial period it doesn't have any tangible long term benefits. While you'd like to have done it a little longer, if all the good advice fails to solve your problem and Kailee loves her bottle then so be it. She knows you love her and isn't going to suffer any long term disadvantage as a result, you do what is best for yourself and your baby girl and try not to be too disappointed, it's a little like the c/s vs vaginal; if the end result is a happy healthy baby the hows & whys really don't matter! My babies did exactly the same thing and it coincided with the return of my period, the good news there is it means your body is preparing for the next pregnancy wink
Thinking of you...

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my son has had quite a few bottles when he stayed at my parents house and when im at work and he deffinetly prefers the boob. he drinks his bottle well but is always happy to get the boob. i dont know what type of teats you used but i use the orthodonic whatevers?? and because they are similar to nipples and are harder to drink form than conventional "normal" teats then they dont prefere the bottle. trust yourself and keep feeding him yourself express after feeds if you do give him a bottle afterwards so your milk builds up. good luck

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you need to stick to your guns and try to keep her busy while your feeding, try touching her hand or wearing a colourful necklace. as soon as you regularly use comp feeds its hard to turn it around but not impossible. you can do it... good luck
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