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thinking of giving up breastfeeding Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

I was hoping to feed our little girl till she was 6 months old she is almost 4 months!

We started to give her a bottle of formula a day this started last thursday night (we were hoping she wouldn't wake as often during the night) and whilst she still wakes she does go longer between feeds which is great

Only problem is now I sometimes wonder if my milk is satisfying her during the day, she seems a bit unsettled between feeds and hasn't really gotten into a sleeping pattern during the day

sometimes when i am feeding her on the boob I don't want to be it makes me angry sometimes this usually happens after she has been screaming and I try and feed her to settle her down

I feel absolutely awful for feeling this way and whist I don't feel like this every time I feed her I wonder if putting her on formula full time would be the best thing for both of us

that way i won't be so angry and we will all be alot happy



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi Melly,
Maybe your little one is going thru a growth spurt?

Have you started any cereal for brekky? Maybe she is looking for more?

Breastfeeding can be very challenging i am still b/f #4 it's now alot easier as she is 9 months old but for the first few months i did wonder is this the right thing to be doing as i would at times become frustrated & would wonder is she getting enough especially at the end of the day.
She has one bottle, this is at night normally around 7.30pm a top up feed after i have b/f her she takes about 50 -100ml in the bottle, this seems to satisfy her.

Dont feel bad if you do decide to but her on the bottle maybe this will satisfy her more & take the stress & worry away from you as u can see what she is getting.

You have b/f for 4 months thats great but
the best thing for you & bub is to be happy & confident which everway you choose to go.

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