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my 4 and a half month old has suddenly sstarted not wanting formula Lock Rss

Hi my name is amanda and i have a four and a half month old son... he is on karicare thickened formula due to bad reflux and up until 2 weeks ago was drinking about 170mls every 4 hours but then all of a sudden he is only drinking about 140 every 4 hours and thats if i am lucky... I dont want him 2 start losing weight as he isnt a real big baby as it is... his weight has stayed the same for the last probably 3 weeks... i dont know if this is normal as this is my 1st.. I just wanted 2 know if there was anyone out there suffering with the same problem.. Seth isnt on solids yet but still wakes 1-2 times during the nigt for some formula... does any body have any ideas on how i can get him 2 drink more

Thanks for reading


Amanda Mummy 2 Seth 1/2/05 & Tianah 14/7/06

Hi Amanda I'm certainly no expert on this but it sounds like Seth might be ready for solids, lots of people will tell you not to start till he's 6 months but you should ask your GP. My daughter is on solids she's 15 weeks and loves it. she was hungry all the time. Heinz has foods you can feed from 4 months: plain and banana flavoured rice cereal, puree'ed apple, pumpkin etc. It would be good for his reflux and he might start sleeping through too.


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