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my daughter is 6 months old and has been on solids for about 3 weeks and is loving them. she usually has cereal in the morning, yogurt,fruit or custard at lunchtime and vegetables at night. lately i have noticed that she is not really interested in breastfeeding. I am trying to breastfeed in between these meals but she seems dis-interested and i feel my milk supply is starting to diminish, should i be breastfeeding her before offering her these solids. she is still a very happy baby and is still having wet nappies, i mix breast milk or boiled water with all her meals but am not sure that this is enough. i am expressing every evening but do not seem to be getting much at all. she sleeps through the night so am not offering night time feeds.

can anyone give me some tips as i would love to breastfeed for the next 4-6 months if possible. thankyou


Hi Jodie

Yes, you are right about giving breastfeeds first. It is recommended that you offer breastfeeds before solids at least until 9 months of age - and breastmilk is still meant to be their main source of nutrition until 12 months of age.

If you offer more feeds, no doubt your milk supply will increase - the old 'supply by demand' story! This may mean that your daughter may take less solid food - but this is not a bad thing at the moment.

Good luck with it. I am sure you will be able to continue breastfeeding for at least as long as you are planning!

3 meals a day is a lot if bubs has only been on solids for 3 weeks, you may be better off dropping at least one of those solid feeds for a couple of weeks at least, at this stage milk is their main food and the solids will be just for taste and texture. IYKWIM


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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