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Breastfeeding experiences Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I know this is usually turns into a heated debate, however I was hoping to just start a thread where we can all share our breastfeeding experiences whether good or bad without arguing, judging and making others feel guilty etc etc. I love reading about other's experiences with breastfeeding, parenting, pregnancy as it helps you realise you are 'normal' as many others go through the same things. Also there are many new mums out there who don't have others/sisters/aunts/grandmothers who breastfed so hopefully they can find some support here.

I'll start :

Lachlan born June 2003.

Lachie was born by emergency c-section and my milk didn't come in until day 6 - no-one told me this was normal until I was already in tears on day 4 (I got the 'blues' really bad). That night after constant breastfeeding for the past 24hrs and no sleep I offered him some formula - funny thing though he only drank about 20mls. He'd lost 575g in those first few days and I felt like the biggest failure. Like most first time mums I'd read so many books beforehand and thought I was going to have the 'perfect birth' and breastfeed with no problems and of course nothing went to plan. Then I had as much 'well meaning' advice as I could take - and then some! In the end I was so stressed and felt so much pressure from everyone, and that's when I gave him the formula. Thank goodness my obstetrician, paediatrician and lactation consultant were all really supportive. They gave me some guidelines to follow with using formula as they all understood how important it was for me to breastfeed. I always new that the formula was going to be just a short term thing - I was really determined to breastfeed. I only had to supplement his feeds for a few weeks - usually only once per day. The funny thing is he started sleeping through the night at 9 weeks old - and I hadn't been giving him any formula for a couple of weeks before that. If I knew then what I know now I would never have given him any formula in the first place, but at the time I was ready to give up breastfeeding altogether - and I'm really glad I didn't. Lachie was about 13 1/2 months old when he was totally weaned, then I was pregnant with Lily smile ...

Lily born March 2005

Lily was also born by c-section. This time around I was a lot more aware of what to expect. I had much the same experience in the first couple of days however I didn't get the 'blues' this time - I was still constantly feeding for 24 hrs and had no sleep but it was a bit easier as I knew what to expect and knew that things would get easier. She's now 12 1/2 weeks old and I'm happy to say exclusively breastfed.

Anyhow, I'll leave it there. I hope others will post their experiences too.

Take care
Bennett was born 5th April 2004 by Emergency Caeser, I did not consider not breastfeeding and was well aware it was going to tough. Soone told me "Its a natural thing - but it doesn't come naturally" and also if there is any pain its not right.

Those things stuck with me and I was prepared for a hard slog. Amazingly Bennett and I clicked pretty much instantly and had no probs with feeding him. The baby blues hit me bad day 2 and I just had to get out of the hospital it was driving me nuts. On the morning of the 4th day we were sent home.

Breastfeeding at home seemed to be much more tiring and he took such a long time. He had terrible wind (possibly due to the chilli salami I ate on the first day home!!!) and the screaming lasted quite a few days. My mum instisted I give him formula but i just kept avoiding it - I had also be warned taht this would effect my supply.

it took a few weeks for that windynes sto subside but I reckon it was just his tummy getting used to everything.

at about 3 mths old I got a "white spot" on my nipple and saw a lactation consultant who checked my attachment which was the cause and it was also discovered that Bennett was tongue tied, so for us to not only BF that long but without any troubles was amazing.

At about 5 mths he had his TT snipped and I was so scared he wouldn't feed well afterwards but after a coupl eof days he got the hang of it again.

about 9 mths along I got my period back and for the next couple of mths this cause a lot of pain for a day or 2.

Around 12 mths I decided I would wean him to just his morning feed as this was his favourite, and b*gger me if he didn't just drop it completely the first day I tried to cut back. So at 12.5 mths he was weaned.
He had a couple of comfort feeds for a few weeks later (molars) but now he doesn't even associate them with food.

The best piece of advice is that BF is hard work, not only to get it right but also as they grow and get older you are very much tied to them, to be honest that was one of my favourite bits gasp)


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

my little girl was born onthe 24th of oct being 10 days over due. i was induced and had an aweful 16 1/2 hr labour and a epidural. the birth was fine after that. i though breast feeding was going well until we got home and she didnt stop crying. she then went on the bottle.

16 months later i had my little boy who is now 3 1/2 months. 8 1/2 hr labour and natural drug free birth, what i wanted after my daughters birth. this time i knew to expect allot of crying as i found out that its perfectly normal fo new borns to cry. he cried for about 4 weeks straight and i was tempted to put him on the bottle but i persivered. she is now totally breast fed and i love it. i am going back to work part time but are still feeding him and expressing.

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05

Hi Jasmine,
Gemma was born 3rd July 04, induced after being 11 days overdue. When she was born the midwife put her staight on my chest and encouraged a feed after about 39 minutes. She had a little suck, but I don't know if she got anything.
I thought I could go thru BF like a breeze! When I left the hospital 3 days after her birth, I had cracked nipples and little scabs forming on them. A week later I could not put her on the boob it hurt so much! I rang the hospital and they got me to go straight there where the lactation consultant got ne to try a nipple shield, which sort of worked. We then expressed milk and finger tube fed Gemma. You have a tiny little straw which you stick to your little finger, pop it into bubs mouth and the other end into the bottle of expressed milk and they suck it up!
I used this method for about a week till my nipples started to heal, and also had laser done on them every day. After about 3 weeks I was like an old pro at BF and my nipples were fine.
I found that Lansinoh was a fantastic cream to use in those early days, and seeking the help of the midwives. They were what got me thru and not going for the bottle of formula instead.
Gemma weaned herself at 6 months and I miss it so much. I plan to feed next bub forever! (maybe not quite!) I love the feeling of closeness that BF brings.

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

JASMINE!! Good on you for raising this great topic!! I am a breastfeeding advocate, all the way!! Knowing that you are giving your baby the absolute best food possible, is so reassuring.

When my girl was born, Mum told me that she used to breastfeed us while vacuuming!! At the time, I couldn't believe it as, like many of you, I was having severe attachment problems. Brae was getting plenty of milk, but the cracked nipples were bleeding and the pain was almost unbearable. Also got mastitus in the 2nd week. Then, the antibiotics for the mastitus caused me to get thrush (ahh, the joys of motherhood!).

Today, we enjoy a variety of feeding activities... walking the dog, bouncing on the aerobic ball, lying in bed... and vacuuming!!

Congratulations, Jasmine and others, on your successful breastfeeding experiences! Congrats, also, to those of you who gave it a go!

Oh, and happy fathers' day to all of your partners for Sunday!

Chelsea,QLD,Mum to Braelyn(07/03/05)

Hi everyone smile

My 1st bub, (now 10) was born by emerg-c/s after a 29.5 hr labour.
I had really wanted to try to b/f, as I'd NEVER known ANYONE(not kidding!) who had breastfed!
After i returned from recovery, I (hazily) remember b/feeding him...& amazed that I could do it!!

I planned to wean him @ 12 mths...but...he was a 'booby boy!'...couldnt take it from him!!
I fell pg with our DD when DS was 12 mths!

DS was 19 mths when, (with ALOT of tears & tantrums) I decided i needed a 'rest' from b/f, before DD came along in 2 mths! That was a hard 3 days, til he stopped whining 4 it! (AND being that age, he would try to help himself!)

DD was b/f for approx 3 mths...i got mastitis...& went to formula from there. I felt a bit bad that I didn't feed her as long...but 'some' was better than 'none!' and we still had our cuddles whilst btl feeding.

NOW...our new lil man....
I had all these visions of it being hard,(getting cracked nipples etc) as its been so long between kids! I brought LANSINOH, in preparation, & I didn't even get sore! Perhaps coz this time round, I've known to make sure he attaches properly!!

I love knowing, that as their mum, this is something I can do for my baby, I love the way he looks at me whilst feeding...and I love knowing its 'our time' together!
I am planning to b/f for 12 mths...but we'll see! wink (see how the teething goes! tongue .)

Tina, mum to Jake, Tylah & Jayden smile

my milk is low i have had a cold bad it knocked me about a bit now its gon i dont now what to do to get my milk back up can you help

mother of 3

first thing i would like to say is....some women are born to breast feed and some arent. unfortunately i am one of the later.
while being pregnant with my first bub, all i thought about was to breast feed. i didnt even think i wouldnt 'have enough'. anyways, my boy was born 6/6/03. a few hours after he was born he started crying so i thought ok time to feed. no probs, he was latching on well doing the right sucking motion, i thought cool this is going to be great! yeah well think again... i was discharged as early release so the midwife would come for a week to my home. on the final day he was weighed and low and behold he dropped to 2.740kg (birth weight 3.045kg). i perservered for another week got him weighed at the gp (2.610kg). my gp freaked out and referred me to a pediatrician as "thriving to survive". i couldnt handle it anymore to i went to westmead childrens hospital, saw a lactation consultant, she said he was sucking well. so whats the problem????? HE IS NOT GAINING WEIGHT!!!!! but mind you he was on the boob every 2 hours for 30mins each side. i was a wreck. i didnt want to put him on the bottle because i wanted to breast feed, but i also didnt want my baby to starve, and that is exactly what was happening. so i decided to put him on the bottle. i felt like a failure. my mum told me to snap out of it!! it took me ages to get over it but i did. he is now a healthy 2 yr old.
second son came along 12/3/05, and i wanted to breast feed but was open to bottle just incase. breast feeding only lasted 4 weeks as second time around wasnt any better. but this time i was in a different state of mind and knew what needed to be done. he is now a healthy nearly 7mth old.
so i say if you can do it. do it. if you cant its not the end of the world, at least you tried.
like my mum said to me " you were good for a drink, just not for a feed"
everyone take care.

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

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