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Would my 4 month old be more settled on formula Lock Rss

Hello Everyone

I didn't realise breastfeeding would be so hard but I have stuck it out for this long (our little girl has one bottle of formula a day)

My MIL though only being helpful asked if our little girl would be more settled on formula!

She is still waking a couple of times at night to be fed and most of the time will go back to sleep no problems its just during the day when she gets quite unsettled and doesn't really have a sleeping routine as yet (she does have to fit in with her 2 year old brothers routine so it makes it hard)

I was hoping to fed her until 6 months but am really starting to question whether I should switch her now

the screaming during the day (whilst I know babies cry) does get quite annoying



melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

hello there,
i would have to say yes your daughter would be more settled if you put her on formula as then you know exactly how much she is getting and not estimating it. i put my twins on formula gradually from one bottle a day to 2 a day and so on until they just wernt settling as a result they werent getting enough from me. now they are 4 months and are on formula full time and settling very well.
cheers trace
Hi Melly

I am sorry to hear that you are finding breastfeeding so hard, but it is great to hear that you have given your little girl such a good start!

I'm not sure why you think that the breastfeeding might be contributing towards your little girls screaming but perhaps you could contact the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) helpline or online forum ( ) Over the phone counselling is free & they can probably help you to identify the cause. It would be awful to give up breastfeeding if that were not the reason behind your problem.

It is also worthwhile considering the disadvantages of artificial (formula) feeding too:- it is more costly, more time consuming (sterilising etc), causes more health concerns (allergies, childhood obesity and many more) and can't provide the EFA's that breastmilk can.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
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