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has anyone used the Infasoy formula Lock Rss

I have currently been using the S 26 formula on my 6 mnth old son. While he is still having 4 breast feeds a day and is on solids, he has really bad constipation.Just wondering if anyone has used the Infasoy formula and does that cause wind and constaipation. I noticed when I feed him and I have dairy products he becomes upset as well. Can some one help?
Hi, my bub was changed from S26 to Infasoy when he was 5 1/2 months (he is now 14 months) and hasnt really had any problems with constipation. He is intolerant to dairy. Have you tried Infasoy? It smells yukky! My bub seems to like it though and still has 3 bottles a day, and i use it on cereal and stuff as well as he doesnt like soy milk at all!!!

Suz, NSW

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