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Does anyone have any suggestions on getting my DD to take the bottle or cup. She is just on 4 months old and I have just started to feed her Farex as she is not putting on enough weight with just breastfeeding. I have been trying unsuccessfully for months to get her to take the bottle (with expressed milk) and have now tried the sipping cup. I have tried every different type of teat you could imagine and she still keeps refusing it. I want to start her on formula as I don't think I can keep up the breastfeeding for much longer as it is really starting to get me down. Any suggestions?
hi, i had the same problem, my bubby finally wants to take his formula from sipper cup, took me a month to get him used to it, i tried changing the formula from s26 to Novalac, i think he just didnt like the taste of s26, have you tried changing the formula?
No I haven't tried changing Formula yet, I also have been using S26 Gold but I will definately be giving it a go. What age did you bub take his sipper cup from.
he was about 6 months, but he wont take it straight away ( he used to throw the cup away.. ha.. ha..)
i got him used to the formula taste by adding some of it into his baby rice and make it a bit runny and gave him little bit of cooled boiled water in sipper cup till he got used to drinking from it.
After he eats and drink the water without problems then i started him on the formula in the sipper cup, took me about a month to get him used to drinking from the cup before starting the formula, and he only drinks Novalac, i don't know why, i tried s26 and karicare, he just doesnt want them

Hi, I am having the exact same problem with my daughter. She is also 4 months old and I have been trying for the past 5 weeks to get her to drink from a bottle as I am returning to full time work in five weeks time. I have also tried all different types of teats and bottles and have been expressing breast milk but she just won't take it. She is a little bit interested in a sipper cup (found one for 4 month olds) but will only take about 10ml before refusing the rest. I am going to try her on rice cereal this week but am starting to get desperate as to what I am going to do for her day feeds whilst I am at work.

I went to see my local baby health care nurse for advice, as we tried every bottle teat, boiled water, expressed milk, formula...everything! The nurse said that if we really really needed her to take a bottle, she simply needs to get hungry enough to take one. The advice was to prepare some bottles and leave bub with a trusted friend or relative. Your baby will recognise that you are not there and that breastfeeding really isn't an option.

It took my husband 5 awful hours of crying and cuddling but she finally took the bottle. It is drastic and was not a pleasant experience but has worked for us.

I am in the same position as many I think.

When my son was 5 weeks we gave him the bottle (with expressed milk) and he took it happily a few times a week for the next three weeks. Stupidly I stopped this and when we tried again after two weeks, he refused it and still is. We have tried all sorts of teats and bottles and nothing seems to make any difference.

My son sleeps from 9pm through till 7am (I know, it's fantastic) and even after that long sleep he still refused the bottle for another two hours until I finally got called in to feed.

Any suggestions would be great as he is due to start creche in 6 weeks!

Thanks, Briar

[Edited on 29/05/2007]
I was told that one way to fix bottle refusal, is to breastfeed with a nipple shield. It will feel similar to a bottle but your baby can still see that it is you that is feeding him. Unfortunately it didn't work for my daughter so I had to take the hard option!
Hi Bellabunny!
I had the same prob...& was crying & praying every single moment for Bub to take bottle. Finally I've been adviced by a Nurse that don't force Bub too much with bottle in one day, she will hates it even more. Take a week break to make her forget abt bottle, then have a play with it gently once a day. It took me a while but it worked. I tried Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature for my Bub cuz it looks like ours. Good luck!

KT 5mths :=)
[Edited on 29/05/2007]
Hi, I'm back again. Still having problems getting our daughter to take EBM from anything! We are currently sticking to a sipper cup as we don't want to confuse her by changing things around all the time. I'm trying not to stress as I go back to work in 4 weeks and she starts 2 days a week at daycare in 3 weeks time.
I have been advised by health care nurses that she may not take to any bottles / cups until I go back to work and she realises that a BF is not an option. Her carers will need to be very patient with her at the beginning until she works this out. My husband has the hard job now of once a day trying to get her to take the EBM from the cup as she can smell my milk.
We may also have to take the drastic action of preparing the EBM and leaving my husband home alone with her while I take our other 2 boys out of the house for the day.
On a positive note, she has started on rice cereal which she will happily take from a spoon.
I am comforted by all the other messages on here that we are not the only parents going through this hard transition and that the bubs finally get there. I will keep you posted!

You're all probably going to think this is the most rediculous suggestion you've heard but it works for us. My DD will NOT take a bottle when she's being held by anyone! Don't know how I worked it out except I tried to feed her a bottle when she was lying in her cot and she happily took it, yet if I held her she point blank refused. Crazy I know but I now lie on the floor nest to her to feed her a bottle or when we're out she lies in the pram or on a mat on the floor, it's the only way she'll take it.
I hope you have some success, I know how stressful it is. We had one full day where I couldn't get any fluids into her until she was exhausted that night. It's not easy
Best wishes.
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I too am having the same problem with my 5 month old DD. She took the bottle a couple of times in the first couple of months and then just started refusing it.

I was told that it's much easier to teach them to drink from a cup rather than persisting with the bottle as they will need to drink from a cup eventually. We have since (today) given her a sipper cup with about 40ml of water in it. she hasn't had anything from it yet but we are going to give it to her a couple of times a day on her playmat and see what happens. Will keep you posted smile

Emma SA - Briar 15/03/07

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