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Teething Lock Rss

Hi, my son Daniel is 7 mths old and in the past week he has been dribbling, chewing everything, has red cheeks and is not sleeping well at all, as well as being irritable and clingy, so I think he must be teething. My question is how long can this go on for before he gets his first teeth?
Hi Wendy, I think how babies react to their teeth are as varied as the babies are. My 7 month has his two bottom teeth and I discovered one top one has cut this week. He doesn't show much sign the teeth are coming at all, he often is chewing on his fingers. He became more irritable after the teeth had cut. Just make sure he hasn't got a fever because this might indicate he is sick.

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sorry to tell you...
i was asking my friends the same question! but every one told me, once they start they dont stop until they have all their teeth! My boy is 6months and when he was 4months he got his first 2 teeth down the bottom. Last week he got 2 top teeth, between the top and bottom teeth was about 3weeks of nice sleeping through the night and then the teething started again. and the dribble was a continuous stream!
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