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biting the breast Lock Rss

Hi, just wondered if this has happened to anyone else. My bub has just turned one and i am still giving her 3 breastfeeds a day. All day whenever i try putting her on the breast she has just grabbed the nipple between her teeth and bit me.
Ive ended up just giving her milk in a cup which she has drank really well.
I just feel so depressed,just i was so pleased to have made it to a year, and wondered if there was anything i could do to stop her biting.

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

Most of the time a firm no and pulling back my breast works for me. In the begining I would put it away and put her on the floor and tell her that no milk if you bite mummy.
Everynow and again she still does it and if I am paying enough atention I notice she comes in with her mouth shaped to bite rather than with her tounge thrust forward. If I catch her about to do it I tell her no and pull back. She seems to understand. Perhaps your little one was too fidgity, let down not fast enough or finished and just sucking to play. That seems to be when my one does it most.
If you havn't fully weaned you can always try again and build up your supply slowly but surely. Putting them away seems to get lots of crys but they get the message.
Good luck and you did a fantastic job feeding for so long, you should be proud of yourself!!


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