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Making a Formula Bottle - FYI Lock Rss

When I was making bottles I would squish the formula down into the measuring scoop so it was packed tight. Then someone said I shouldn't squish it down but tap the side of the measuring scoop with a knife and level it off.

So... I rang the info line on the S26 can to check and they said the same thing - tap not squish! Told the help line person that this should be written on the can as I know 4 other Mums who made bottles this way - squished not tapped!

Just out of interest, I weighed a squished scoop verses a 'tapped' scoop and there was about 1.5gm difference which is alot when the scoops only weigh 5-6gms!

AND yes I did my good deed and rang those 4 other Mums and with 2 of them it solved their constipation problem!

The twins were on Karicare when they were on formula and it does say so on the Karicare tins - ie not to pack the formula tightly. Seems like a great big omission from S26!

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

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