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Breast feeding Lock Rss

I have been trying to get my baby now 5 months to take a bottle for ages as I go back to work soon. She seems not to mind the taste of the formula, and recognises it, but just couldn't seem to get the suck right and would get frustrated. Today I gave her a cup with a soft spout and she got it straight away, took about 120ml first go. i had been trying a bottle because she was so young when I first started trying to wean her ....but now she is older I thought I would give a cup a go instead. The one I used is a tommy tipee "nuby". It doesn't have a valve. It also has handles and she liked holding it. I am hoping she will continue to manage it OK, and am aiming to give it to her at least once a day. I am hoping to continue breastfeeding until one year, formula from a cup on days I am at work. Fingers crossed.
Hi Erin.

Has she got teeth yet??? I'm not sure why you said 'ouch' as many babies are breastfeed when they have teeth. Just not sure why you said she's teething but is hurting you - is she biting or using the breast as a teething ring???

When I was breastfeeding DD she had teeth - she bit me once or twice, but I would quickly detach her from the breast and tell her no quickly. After the second time she learnt and never did it again. When she self weaned at 11months she had 6teeth.

Hope it gets better, I found the teething rings you keep in the fridge to be excellent and also rusks (I used the Bellamy Organic Ones) DD also had one of those teething dummies - Happy Baby make them I think.


DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

If you are still enjoying breastfeeding then I would encourage you to stick with it through the teething stage, it will be worth it, although if its no longer working for you and bub then definately wean.
I am still breastfeeding my 16 month old daughter, i remember when she was teething she did clamp down a couple of times, I just took her off and said "No biting" she seemed to understand, I also put Bonjella on about 5 mins before her feed, this really helped. she really hasn't bitten since. Bub really isn't trying to hurt you, just has sore gums.
And just to let you know, breastfeeding with teeth is not painful at all, I honestly think that when my daughter bit me it hurt more with gums than it did with teeth!!
Good luck, i hope this helps....
hi i have an almost 22 month old with all her teeth except the 2 yr old molars (they are starting to come through now) and I am still breastfeeding her. She still sometimes bites me if she falls asleep feeding. Yes it hurts but it is a small price to pay for a healthier start to life. If it hurts to much I just stop the feed and tell her she hurt mummy and has to wait until muumy feels better. She cut her first teeth at 4 months (the bottom two) I didn't even know she had teeth until I ran my finger over her gums.

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