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how to bring milk supply back??? Lock Rss

i havnt breast fed my baby for 6 weeks and always regretted putting her on the bottle. today while in the shower i found that i still have some milk, is there anyway i can bring my full milk supply back or is it too late? if i put her on the breast it would be gone in about 30 seconds to 1 minute. i hope its not too late.

mother of alexandra,born 22-3 05

I recommend ringing the Australian Breastfeeding Assoc for advice, however to help my milk supply my naturopath recommended fennel seeds, they are only $2 a bag at the health food shop.
To boost your supply though, she needs to suck for ages, that sends the message to the brain that you need to make more milk.
Try to not do the housework for a few days, get some good movies and cuddle up on the sofa
with your bub on the breast, the longer she sucks for the more milk you will make.
I have heard that even adopted mothers can make milk from this method so best of luck!
Let us know how you go.
Cheers, Jen

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

The easiest and quickest & most effective way to get your milk back is to go to your GP and ask if you can go on 'Donperadone'. I took it and got all my milk back after only taking two little pills! This is the drug that is given to adoption mums so they can breastfeed. It goes by other names but they all contain donperadone. This drug was originally created to reduce high blood pressure and when they trialed it a surprising side effect was that people produced breastmilk! so they redesigned it and now thats what its used for. Your GP should have no probs perscribing it.


To bring your milk supply, you need to drink alot of water during the day and no chocolates as it will irritate the baby's stomach.
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