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My baby girl is 4 months old and since she was 6 weeks old has only put on 100gms a week, The HCN keeps telling me that she should be putting on more but dosen't give me any advice on what I should do. I breast feed and have tried offering formular but bub is just not interested. I would rather just breast feed but feel that she isn't getting enough from me. I have also heard that the standard 150gms-200gms a week weight gain is based on bottle fed babies. can anyone tell me if this is true. or is there anyone out there who's bub has the same weight gain as mine?



I was told that even breastfed babies should put on about 200-250g a week in the first weeks then about what you quoted once they get to about 2-3 months.

My friends daughter was just like yours and didn't want to drink much and didn't gain a lot but my friend was the same when she was a baby and both of them are a thin build - it is just the way they are. I believe that it depends a lot on the baby's build and what their parents were like and their builds. Adults all have differing appetites so why not babies too?

I think if your daughter is healthy, lively and has lots of wet nappies then I wouldn't worry.


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