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4 month old change feeding pattern Lock Rss

my daughter Jasmine is 18 weeks old. she is on Karicare HA since 8 weeks old, Recently I change to Karicare Gold , she only take 100 ml (normally 150 ml)and push the bottle away, so I rang the early childhood center, they said karicare Gold maybe too rich for her, so I change to Karicare Infant( they recommend) for last 2 days, she take 110 ml during the day, ( took me 45 min to feed her, she is more interesting on TV or look around the room)and 3 pm and 6:30pm feed she will take 180 ml,she unsettle few time.durning the day.Is it normal??? or it will take few days to settle? or i should get her back to the Karicare HA until she is 6 month old. or
4 month old baby always change feeding pattern.
i will give it try for another few days.
please help
Thank you


Jasmine 08/03/05

hi grace my daughter has been on the bottle since she was 4 days old i use s26 because that is what the doctor recommended and thats what they use in all hospitals , maybe just try her on s26 and she how she gos with that one.i thkn it has more filling products in it which will help fill her up.chey watches tv and looks around to evry where to but i just lets her know you have about 3-4motnhs when you stop breast feeding that you still have milk in there for that long.maybe try express milk for her.Hope i can be some help

ME 30, DH 32, DD 10 , DD 4 and baby due 24th May 2015

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