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Hi there,

In a very confused state and after some advice.........

I have a gorgeous rapidly growing baby boy who has an enormous appetite and find that by 4pm when he wants to feed until bedtime that my milk dries up! He pulls, thumps and messes around as if trying to get some milk. It is not wind as I am talking at the start of a feed when he plays up.

I already give him my expressed milk in a bottle before bed at around 8.00pm and he sleeps for 9 hours, but am thinking of giving him this at 4pm and then giving him a bottle of formula for bedtime. I just can't get enough milk to give him 2 bottles of expressed which is a shame.

Louis is 10 weeks old and already 64cms he weighs approx 6.5kg (getting weighed this week) he is a happy content baby until feeding time and I would appreciate anyone elses advice who have introduced a bottle into the BF mix.

Thanks! smile
Hi,this is Mum to M&L.I have only ever posted on this website once before.So I didn't realise that I sent a post to you privately.I have replied in your private inbox with a post.
I essentially said that I am in the same situation as you.I am giving a bottle at the 10pm feed,due to lack of milk production(only have a problem at night).
Haven't answered a question as such.But helpful to know that there are others in the same situation.
You have a happy,healthy baby and that is all that matters.
Mum to M&L
[Edited on 26/06/2007]
Hi mum to M & L.........

How much are you giving your bub at 10pm? I made up 200ml last night and he only drank 90ml. I did BF him first then used the formula as a top up. He slept from 8.30pm until 7.30 this morning! I am using Karicare Gold + bubs pulled some funny faces when he 1st tasted it but drank it in the end with some coaxing! smile

Me too only having a problem at night or should I say from 4pm onwards although this can depend on how much he feeds on me during the day.

Thanks for your help!
I gave him 200ml also at 10pm.He took about 100ml after a bit of confusion on his part.I find that he isn't satisfied with a breastfeed at about 5pm.I have introduced solids,but I guess that isn't relevant to you.Even with the solids he is waking up between 9 and 10 hungry.have used the guardian brand formula.After a bit of research I found that it is made by Wyeth,who make S26.Just a cost saving measure really.The sleep he had sounds great.My little one woke for anothe feed at 4am instead of the usual 2am.So we are getting there.
I have to log off,but will check for replies tonight.Nice to have someone in the same situation to talk to.Apparently your milk supply tends to be lower in the arvo and evening,as the stresses of the day take there toll.Don't know if this is true,but sounds plausible to me.Let me know how it goes with Karicare.I found it easier once the baby got older to have more regular feeds and not all over the place.There didn't seem to be any set times to feed and it got easier as he got older and we could settle into a routine.Sorry I have to log off.But like I said I will check again tonight.Mum to M&L
I had the same problem with my little girl and i breast fed her all day but gave her a bottle just before bed, she was always a great sleeper but this was even better it made her sleep all night from 6.30pm until 7.00am and i felt better with the breast feeding as well.

hope this helps


mum to two beautiful girls

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