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Is Anyone Else's 4 Month Old On Solids?? Lock Rss

Hi All.

Just wondering if anyone else is feeding there 4 month old solids?? If so what food and how many times a day??

I have started our baby boy on solids and he loves it but I have only tried Farex Rice Cereal and am wondering if I can experiment more with veges like potato, pumpkin?? I'm just not sure whether he is too young for veges or not.

I should know this from having my daughter but I have forgotten it all!!!
Hi my daughter is almost 19 weeks and she's been on solids from 12 weeks. She loves it. You can give vegies but they need to contain no lumps and be quiet runny like the consistancy of pumpkin soup, so after you've mashed it you might have to add water or formula milk. I give her one meal a day, and only a 1/3 of the little heinz jars each time. Most of it goes on her bib face and hands but she's always opened her mouth for the spoon and takes it to the back of her mouth ok now.


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Hi Belinda,
I started cooper on rice cereal at four and a half months and he hated it so i tried farex and he loved it, so he now has it twice a day. He was five months yesterday and i am going to start him on vegetables in the next couple of days.

Rebecca,NSW,5mth Baby

i started at 3 1/2months and was using farex, i found it made my little man very full of GAS! he didnt stop farting! when i finished the box i started on pears, they say they are best. I made them my self making sure they were very smooth! he loves them... give it a go -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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