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milk from a cup - when? Lock Rss


My 9 mth old is still drinking formula from an avent bottle and water from a sipping cup. Does anyone know at what age to give milk out of a cup? Do u use diff teats (eg: green avent ones) as they get older? or use the same sipping cup u give water?
I would think that if your bub is able to drink water from a cup, then milk will be ok too. My 11 month old has a breastfeed in the morning and before bed, and has just started having milk in a cup after lunch. If your bub enjoys drinking water from the sipper cup, there is no need to buy another cup for the milk.
Good Luck
hi, I would reccomend giving baby a bottle till a least a year old because from my experience they will drink alot more milk from a bottle then a cup, when my daughter was a year old she had a bottle and when I gave her milk in a cup she wouldnt even drink half the amount.
I also found that the bottle helped her to settle at night untill she was nearly 2.5 and we have just recently taken it off her, so maybe you could try to keep maybe morning and night bottles and give the rest from a cup and gradually do it that way.

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