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my princess is 10months old and i have just moved her onto formula. i bought the heinz brand one which is in a red tin and is called " heinz nuture follow on"

is this the right one that i should be using? she is have 200mls, 3 times a day. i am just worried its the wrong one because im not sure what they mean by "follow on" ?

is anyone elses bub having this? is it the right one!?!?

sorry i sound like a worry wart but she is also constipated but i think thats because she has gone from breast milk to formula i just hope its not because of the TYPE of formula!

any help would be great!

Kelly, NSW, Caleb born 3/10/00, Hannah born 21/8/0

Follow on means when they are eating solids (breakfast lunch dinner) and only have 3-4 bottles or at least this is what my CHN told me. I asked last week cause the tin said from 6 mths but she said it wasn't for my DD cause my DD doesn't like solids! Sounds like you are doing great!

Ahhh, constipation... It is the change from bf to formula and the poo should be more 'firmer' too. AND they SMELL MORE!!!

Follow-on Formula means the formula u give ur baby after they reach 6mths of age.

Yes u r correct in using follow-on formula for ur 10mth old.

I don't think there is a right or wrong brand to use, i know for me personally I started my little one on S26 Gold before 6 mths and found that he wasn't sleeping well when i'd use cheaper brands so I carried on using this brand.

With the constipation, have u tried offering water after each meal?
Hi Kelly,
I use Heinz formula for my girl also. She is on the green tin now (next one on from the red for 12+ months). She tended to get really windy with cows milk so I have just left her on formula. I have found it nice and cheap also - our chemist sells it for $9.95 a tin, which usually lasts a week.

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