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changing form thickened formula to normal formula Lock Rss

i tried to change my son from karicare sensikare thickened formula to normal formula and all he done was choked i went and bought newborn teats and he still choked he is 5mths old can anyone give me any tips please i ended up leaving him on the thickened formula to keep the peace

michelle qld mum to rhys 5mths

Hi Michelle,
I waited until my baby was about 7 months old. We were on the reflux formula and went straight onto the normal formula. She did choke a couple of times, even with the lower teats, but soon came around. She would also only drink half of the bottle for the first couple of days but I would always give the rest of the bottle to her after about 15-20 minutes and she would drink the rest.
Hope it helps.

Tania,Vic,2 girls 4 1/2 yrs & 22 month old

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