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What is the best way to wean breast to bottle? Lock Rss

Hi there,

Much to my sadness I am going to have to give up BF as I am drying up! I have introduced a bottle on a feed, I have BF him for 20 mins either side and he is still drinking 140mls of formula! I have also found that he now settles into a sleep during the day as he is more content, before there was no way he would have a sleep in the day. He is an angel and does sleep all night but was worried he wasn't resting during the day... anyway this is not about his sleeps smile

What is the best way to dry my boobs up? any help would be appreciated.
Hello Mum to Louis

When I weaned Emilie I just stopped one feed at a time starting with the feeds during the day. I would do this for one week each feed so my breasts got very used to it, but it depends how much time you want to take. Then the evening feed and the morning feed went last, by that time they are so used to the bottle that they forget about the breast.

Good luck to you.

Hi there, it's hard when your boobs dry up, especially if you want to continue BF. I have just had my third baby and am currently weaning her off the boob - she is 5 months old. I will probably continue morning and night BF but bottle her in between. I do remember with my second, my boobs dried up on me at about 3 months, but there was enough in there to keep building and crikey, my boobs were sore. Someone told me to drink black coffee - not sure what the difference is without milk, but for two days I took the milk out of my coffee - had about two cups a day and the milk seemed to dry up a lot quicker. I can be a painful process if you boobs get sore, but let a little bit out in the shower, but not too much as you will stimulate another letdown. Good luck. Dy
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