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rash from formular Lock Rss

I have started to give my baby a top up feed with formular in the eveninings (she is 4 1/2 months) and all was going well for about a week untill she suddenly developed a nasty rash all over her face and body. ( I was using heinz ) I took her to the doctor and he told me that it was trial and error and not to worry as the only symptoms was the rash. I then tried karecare gold but the rash came back but nowhere near as bad. has this happened to anyone else and any suggestions on what formular to use
thanks heaps.


Have you tried S26 formula as they say this is the closest one to breast milk on the market and it comes highly recommended by most health professionals, so maybe give this one a go, I think you can still buy trial sachets of S26 instead of getting a whole tin you can trial it then that way incase you have the same problem. I have used S26 with both my children and have never had a problem with it, they both took to it really well.

Hi sound like your bub might have an allergy to that type of formula..
Same thing happened to me with my son brayden, I tried s26gold, heinz karicare and the nan and they all gave him the rash and he got really hot and upset afterwards... I took him to a paeditrician that specialises in allergys and they gave him a skin prick test and it turned out he is allergic to all dairy. So they prescribed a special formula for him but he hated it and so now he has been on the karicare soy formula since about 12 weeks. He is now 7 months old and thriving and loves it... I have to admit its starting to get a bit challenging with the solids now coz alot has dairy in it.... I hope your problem is not as severe as ours was...goodluck


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