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hi girls,
i have a 4.5month old son Jakson. He has been breastfed since birth and I love it. In the last 6-8 weeks he has been getting fussier and fussier. He was always such a settled bub, fed, played and then slept good amounts and slept all night. now he is unsettled after feeding both sides and only sleeping 45-50mins during the day and waking at night.
today after i fed him both sides i offered him a bottle as he was still fussing and he took 140ml!! he was sooo content afterwards and has been asleep now for 2hrs! what should i do?
when my supply was decreasing i took fenugreek and blessed thistle tablets, expressed after each feed and did everything possible to increase my supply. i feel as though i have more milk now but not enough for my little man. he has only put on 100g in a month. not good. i feel so guilty because i haven't been feeding him enough. well that's what it feels like.
so should i be offering him a bottle after each feed to satisfy him? should i bottle feed during the day and breast in the morning and night? oh i feel like %^#@. so confused.
please help. any suggestions would be great.
shannon and jakson
Hi Shannon, I was in a similar situation to you when my DS was first born (he's now 4 months old) & I was breastfeeding. My supply was really low from the start so I took Fenugreek & Motilium & expressed after each feed but it didn't help. DS was feeding constantly, sometimes for up to an hour on each breast, and still fussing. I eventually got a private lactation consultant to come to my home and she said that even though breast is best, try offering a formula top-up after each breastfeed just to make sure bub was getting enough food. I did this and DS changed in the blink of an eye. He was so much more content, happy and settled - in my attempt to exclusively breastfeed I'd been making him go hungry sad
Finally I accepted that I didn't make enough milk and now he gets one breastfeed a day, first thing in the morning in the 'big bed' together, and the rest of his feeds are formula. It took me ages to get over feeling guilty about formula feeding, but it was the best decision I ever made.
I'm not trying to discourage you from breastfeeding - far from it - but if the alternative is to have a hungry baby, maybe it's worth considering offering some formula after each breastfeed, or simply drop a breastfeed or two & replace it with formula.
Sorry, didn't mean to rant quite that much but hope it was some help.
The exact same thing has happened to me too! My bubs is 3 1/2 months old and would throw himself around , kicking, crying etc when he was feeding. When I weighed him last week he had lost 260g in 4 weeks. I slowly reduced his breast feds to at night, middle of the night (which he never used to wake up for) and mornings with 3 formula feeds during the day. He is still waking up a few times a night and doesn't sleep for very long during the day so I'm thinking about giving up breastfeeding altogether because it's still not enough for my bub. Coming from a family where breast is the only milk a baby should have in the first 6mths (I haven't even told my mum yet I have started formula!) it's really hard to feel like your doing the right thing. I'm finding I'm feeling a lot better for making the decision though because it's your baby's happiness that matters the most!

Hi Shan,
I have just started to have the same trouble with my 3 month old.
I have been giving him a formula feed in the evenings for about the last 2 weeks, and just this morning have had to offer a morning one also.
I feel that it is taking awhile for my milk supply to build up as when I do skip the evening one my breasts are quite full when he wakes around 10-11 for another feed, so I thought if I give him formula at his 6 o'clock feeds (not always on time but close enough lol) then I will have enough supply during the day and night.
Just remember Shan...a happy Mum is a happy Bub also, and if bub is hungry it will just stress you out and affect your supply even more. So long as he is getting some Breast milk then he is still getting loads of nutrients etc.
I hope this helps and it was also good for me to read that I am in the same situation as alot of others.

Take care of you and yours

Hi Shannon,

I am also in the same boat! It is an awful feeling at first giving the bottle, but when you see how much they have from the bottle even after you have BF it is sad that they are not content.

I give Louis a bottle after each bfeed. It is getting to a point where he prefers just to have the bottle!! The only meal I do not supplement is first thing in the morning when I have plenty of milk.

I think BF is drummed into all of us and if we do not do it for whatever reason we have failed. I cried the first time I gave him a bottle, but now when I see him happy and sleeping from 8.30pm until 8.00am it is definately worth it.

Good luck
Claire smile
My milk supply was always low and my baby girl had formula top ups from only about 5 days old because my milk just didn't come in. I persisted and also tried fenugreek and motilium. The fenugreek worked a little. Some midwives at the hosital my bub was born in tried to dissuade me from giving formula but my little girl would cry her eyes out because she was so hungry and it was heart breaking as well as ridiculous since it was a simple solution to just give a top up of formula after each breast feed. She's now almost 6 months old and is eating solids but still has breast feeds in the morning and last thing at night and formula in between. I feel she gets the best of both. I still go through periods of feeling guilty and wish I could have breast fed exclusively but then I remind myself that I tried everything I could to get the milk supply up and that's the best I could do.

It does sound as though your bub needs more to satisfy him. Don't feel bad about giving formula. Some women unable to breats feed at all have no choice but to give formula so at least your bub has so far been given a great start being breast fed. In the end, if your bub is happy, settled and thriving then that's the most important thing. Plus don't forget that formula is made to have all the essential nutrients that a baby needs so it's not as though you'll be giving him rubbish smile
Your baby could also be going through a growth sprout or having a nursing strike. My little one did at 3 and half months and I thought I wasn't making enough milk so I stop feeding but later got told by my mid wives that she was just having a growth sprout and needed to feed more often until my milk catch up.
I know the feeling. My little girl is just about to turn 5 months. When she was about 9-10 weeks my milk suddenly decreased. So I went back three hourly feeds, expressing after feeds, fenugreek, alfafa and blessed thistle tables - tried them all and even a breast feeding tea. I eventually went to the doctor and got Motillium - it worked a treat. I 'm still taking these tablets - 2 a day and this week have gone back to 4 hourly feeds as I have started giving her solids - at first it was only at night but because she only put on 300g in three weeks the nurse suggested putting her on morning solids as well. I still feel a little empty at night so her feed just before bed consists of formula and breast. I am trying to breast feed until 6 months but don't know if we will get there. I don;t know how much weight they should be putting on each week around the 5 month mark. I did read somewhere that it should be around the 100-150g mark?? I think I'll post this question to find out as I'm constantly concerned about her weight.
You could try motillium to boost supply another though for being unsettled is teething?
Hope this helps - at least you know you are not alone!!

Mum to 5 month and 3 year old.
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