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I have been breastfeeding for 7 months now and have certantly got the hang of feeding in public discreetly. But im a christan and when im with my christan male friends i always go into another room to feed. I have recently bought a poncho ( wich when im wearing hides everything completly) and thought well with this i should be able to feed anywhere. But when i tried to do this i got told that i should still retreat to a small room as it can leave the men even though they cant see anything to a wondering thoughts. I argued that wich male in thier right mind would think sexually about a women breastfeeding? Most men say its a major turn off.
But in the end i gave in. I cant help think that society dosent make a song a dance about this situation. I mean if u have to feed a baby... u have to feed a baby. And if u can do it discreetly why not? I mean society dosnt come up and say 'oh can u do that somewhere elese?"
I dunno about this subject. Am i in the wrong or am i not? I would like open opiniouns even if it is judgemental on me as i would like to know if my train of thinkings wrong.
thanks guys

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

Ask those men to go and have their meal in another room then because the look of some men eating is a real turn off.

I say stand your ground, why should you be 'sent' off like a second class citizen to feed your baby with is the most natural thing in the world for a mother to do?

Stand up for yourself. Those who stand in judgement of you should question their Christianity.

I am a Christian too so this is not a religious debate.
Personally I have never felt the need to go to another room to feed my babies, and I never will. As Nat said, it's just the same as anyone else eating their meal.

And most definitely if you have a poncho then that's completely unfair! I have fed plenty of times without even something to cover up that much - if my baby is hungry, I'll feed her.

I think you should be able to stay in the room. Anyone who is offended should be the ones to leave.

Don't feel bad about feeding your baby smile
These men sound like w**nkers.. This IS discrimination. I know alot of women that don't even cover up at all, and why should they have to? I personally fed privately, but that was my choice as a very private person. I WISH I had been braver about it, because in the end, it was this that caused me to stop bf all together.
As a fellow christian I know the kind of woman that you are talking about.

Really men will have thoughts looking at your boobs. IT is legalistic tactic of some woman in the church to make attractive woman feel that they cant be comfortable. IT IS JEALOUSY.

I mean I had one woman who's dh looked at anything in a skirt and lusted. Well one day I was wearing a cheese cloth dress over my swimmers and she was like oh you are a stumbling block for men. I said well honey PRAISE GOD I make men By the way I was 9 months pregnant and felt hot and yuck.

I dont hide to bf it is my right to do with my body as I wish. I do however when not at home cover up as in a towel but my kids use to kick it

My dh at times gets uncomfotable that I am so comfortable feeding in public. But I am like why should I have to hide when it is my childs lunch.

God bless and dont allow others to dictate how you feel. I did that with my first for the first few weeks and paid for it.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

I agree with the other posters, you shouldn't have to worry about hiding away to feed your baby. I didn't breastfeed at all, but am fully supportive of those who do it.

I could maybe understand men feeling a little uncomfortable if you were fully exposed -(NOT in a sexual way tho) - but not when they can't even see anything!!. Even if they are uncomfortable, they can always leave the room, not force you to.

And as for the men having "wandering thoughts" over it - sounds like they are just pervs then! lol I don't know any guys who would think about breastfeeding in a sexual way.
Unbelievable! It's amazing how you're made to feel wierd or bad about having to feed your bub. My DH and I co own a cafe with friends of ours who have 3 kids and we welcome breastfeeding and if anyone has a problem with a mother feeding bub then they are told that they have the option to leave if that's the case. I wouldn't like to eat/drink in a toilet or a dirty, small room and I would never expect a bub to have to do it. Breastfeed wherever you want. How other people feel about it is their own problem. Your bub is hungry, you have the food, feed where you want. This really upsets me.

I've had a mother breastfeed her bub at the tables outside the cafe on the street while eating lunch and reading the paper. She copped stares and nasty looks from all types of people. I gave her another milkshake on the house and told her to stay as long as she needed...Anyone else who had a problem with her feeding outside the cafe in full view of everyone could take a leap as far as I was concerned.

Look at it this way also:

How many men do you see walking down the street grabbing at their crotch to 're-arrange' themselves?

Should us mothers tell them to 'remove themselves from the public eye' and go to another room to do that?

Half the men in the would would be stuck in a room (imagine if they were all together) don't imagine it......I just did and it's revolting!

Breastfeeding in public is a much nicer though!
i hate this double standards with the sexes in general!

why can a man walk around without a shirt full stop when we can't at all we have boobs big deal.

next time they comment ask them how they'd like to go and eat their food in a toilet which is where most feeding rooms are in public places!

you're being descreet it's not like you're exposing your whole boob to the world!


Like someone else said tell them to go to another room and eat... if yor feeding your baby or not men stillconsider breasts to be a sexual thing so even if you were in another room thier minds will still wonder!

with a poncho they wouldnt be able to see.. you are not in the wrong THEY are! I harldy ever cover myself while breastfeeding, DP sometimes is like please out here cover up (feeding while doing grocery shopping) Do you know how hard it is to feed push his pram while DP pushes a trolley with DD in it AND COVER UP... never gunna happen... Sorry so off topic... Go crazy keep feeding in public and tell them nicely to shut their mouths and you will feed where and when u like!


If anyone told me I should go somewhere else to feed my baby-I would tell them that if they are uncomfortable or having sexual thoughts that they can leave the room- not me!!!

Feeding babies is what breasts are on our chest for.

Do not let these people make you hide away to feed your bub- be proud that your body is able to nourish your little one. Stand up for yourself and so - "No- I am quite comfortable here thank you!"

Goodness- I hate to imagine what they would say if they saw me feed my baby- I pop my boob out everywhere- while walking around the shopping centre, while out to lunch- everywhere. I don't use anything to cover me up. I figure if people don't like seeing a breastfeeding Mum then they should look away- they have the problem not me!!!
Those people sound like weirdos!
What normal person would think 'breastfeeding' was a sexual turn on!
I think it is disgustig that people would think that!
I have to agree completely with deegreen, It isa natural thing.
If people find it offensive they are the ones who should get up and leave the room.
You should not feel like you are doing something wrong.

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