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Started bottle and won't drink very much Lock Rss

My little lady of 8 months is finally taken the bottle and has been having it for 10 days.

However, over the last few days will only drink about 100-140 ml per feed. Lucy will only do an average of 3-4 feeds a day and it is as if she has lost interest in the whole milk thing. I am using S26

This is very worrying for me as she was a real boob piglet and is now not so keen. I am worried she is not getting enough. Lucy is on solids but is not a keen eater.

Can anyone help?


My DD is the same! CHN told me not to stress as they will eat if hungry or scream the place down... DD did neither!

To make myself more relaxed about the whole thing I got on the scales and weighed myself, then grabbed DD and weighed both of us and worked out her weight (minus mine obviously). I did this every few days and wrote it down and she is putting on roughly 100-200 grams per week so I was suprised. Remember that as long as she isn't losing weight it is okay.

This is an issue I have had since birth and gave up BF as I thought she wasn't getting enough. She actually was getting enough on the boob and is just a small eater. DD is 6 mths and has 2 solid feeds (doesn't get excited about it but does eat - only took me 6 weeks!) and around 5-6 bottles as I give her only 150mls now and she only finishes around 2 of them and the rest she will drink about 100mls.

Hope this helps a bit but as my GP and CHN both said "she will eat when she is hungry"... Didn't ease my mind though!

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