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expressing = less milk??? Lock Rss

Hi there everyone,
My DD is 10 weeks old and i am currently expressing and feeding her with a bottle. However, i have recently noticed that i am not expressing as much and am having to alternate between a formula feed then a breast milk feed. i express at every feed (even the awful night time ones). Any tips on how to increase my supply? Or do you think her days on breast milk are coming to an end??
In the early days of BF my son, I had a shortage of milk too. A lactation consultant & my GP suggested Motilium (domperidone) & Fenugreek (a herb) to boost the supply, and I was told to express after every single feed and to keep expressing for 2 minutes after the last drop had come out. This apparently stimulates the body to produce more milk than it normally would. Unfortunately, after doing all this I still didn't get enough milk & had to resort to formula feeding. These things might work for you though - I'd say keep up with the expressing, maybe consider taking milk-boosting supplements & see how you go. Good luck!
I'm glad you brought this up. I thought it was just me. My girl is at preschool two days a week and I find that I have two express twice to get enough milk for one bottle (that means extra expressions after she goes to bed). I've been doing this for six months and have found that my milk supply is decreasing. I've been told that increasing feeds increases your milk supply but this is not always possible or practical. Recently (after speaking to the CHN) I've decided to try to get her to take formula for the two middle feeds and breastfeed for morning and evening feeds. Easier said than done!


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thanks for the advice Megan12 - i'll give your suggestions a go. I have bought a herbal supplement with fenugreek and will sit and express a little longer like you suggest - fingers crossed.
hi, I had the same problem too, my wee girl is 10 weeks also, and expressing went ok for about the first 6-7 weeks then it got harder to have a let down, and wasn't expressing much (ie struggling to get 40ml), I have started taking fenugreek, and also increased my water intake as i am a shocker at drinking enough... & have noticed an improvement. Also I have managed to get Gemma back on the breast for some feeds & notice that she seems to be doing a bit better now, and can feel myself having several let downs & they happen a lot quicker than on the pump, so I think babies are just more efficient in 'milking' you!
If i express in the morning I can normally express up to about 90ml (which is maximum she will drink anyway).
How much are you managing to express, & what sort of pump are you using?
I use the medela mini electric & I find it helpful by switching the suction power up & down, to get the let down happening quicker & also hot flannels.
I take the fennegreek 2 capsules twice daily & they also reccommend brewers yeast to help increase supply.
Good luck!
Hi I expressed for the first 2wks of my DD life and after these first 2wks I found that it was getting harder and harder to express. When I spoke to mt CHN and my doctor they both said that when a baby latches on to the nipple it sets of a hormone that stimulates your body into producing more milk. I found that as soon as I bf more and expressed less my milk supply increased and my DD is now happily still bf at 4mths and I have got a really good supply of milk. Dont know if this is any help to you

I too am hopeless with the pump. I only get one piddly let down.... Its not so much to do with your supply as when Im fully breastfeeding my DD she gets plenty of milk. Its to do with the let down effect, you get alot more milk when BF as you are looking and feeling your baby sucking and this triggers the let down. As oppossed to a plastic pump. Your milk only lasts up to 3 months when fully expressing compared to forever when breastfeeding... Babies are much more effecient than breast pumps.
Im a midwife and Im looking at going back to work soon but am worried about the milk as I cant express much!
Good luck.

I also heard that pumps were not as efficient as baby bf. A couple of weeks ago i thought my supply was low. so low that i went out and bought formula because they felt empty. a friend then gave me a book 'what to expect when your breastfeeding and what if you can't' by Clare Byam Cook. it said to feed bubs every 2 hrs and let her suck a couple of minutes longer at the end of a feed so it sends a message to make more milk. It said that you should see an improvement within 24 hrs and sure enough i did. i had to go back to wearing breastpads and then had to express because she wasn't draining the breast. I ended being able to express anywhere from 80-100ml after a feed depending on how much she definitely worked for me smile

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I also found expressing from one breast, while putting baby to the other helped in getting let down.

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