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BF to Formula - How much should be given Lock Rss

My ds is 6.5mths, he's having 3 meals of solids a day and being bf inbetween. I'm considering changing to formula as I'm commencing work when he's 10mths of age.
How many bottles and how many mls of formula should be given when he's been weaned from breastmilk.

It's hard to tell how many mls he's currently getting of breastmilk, plus feeds have decreased since i've introduced and increased his solids.

I'm going to try S26 formula with him and see how he's goes on that.

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Our little man will be 1yo on 14/01/08

it should have a guide on the back of the tin of how much formula to give & how many feeds per day. All formula is different. be careful of S26 i have heard a lot of babies get consipated on it.

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I've bought the individual sachets to try before i buy the tin but by memory i think it says 5 bottles of 200 & something mls. It doesn't say if this mean if no solids are being feed. I know he won't have all those bottles so I'll just feed him a few bottles and see how much he'll take.

I'll keep the consipation in mind.

Our little man will be 1yo on 14/01/08

i use NAN 1HA & it says to give 3-4 feeds a day & about 200mls. So it would be 3-4 formula feeds as well as solids. I think i used to give 3. 1 for MT. 1 for AT & 1 before bed. Good luck let me know how u go

My 3 beautiful boys DS1-05, DS2-.07 & DS3-09

S26 is probably the worst one you can get.... try karicare or NAN they are the easiet ones to digest...

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I think most babies have 5-6 feeds a day so if you are feeding him 3 meals then you'd probably only need 2-3 formula feeds. The Heinz brand suggest 200ml per bottle feed. I was feeding my bubs 5 feeds a day, 4 hours apart, 200ml per feed but found he wasn't drinking the whole bottle and wouldn't until 5 hours apart which means he's having 4 feeds a day. I also give him a weetbix with milk (formula) around 8-9am and some pureed veges around 6-7pm because I'm worried he's not eating enough. He's not losing weight though, at 4 months old he weighs 7.6kg

My wee girl is 6 months. We went to Mothercraft at Waikato Hospital for a week to sort out her feeding/sleeping problems. They told us to feed 250mls formula every 5 hours. They also started her solids while there which she has with her 6.00, 11.00 and 4.00 feeds and just formula at 9.00. Each feed is to be consumed within an hour and she is only to be awake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours including feed time. Although she usually only manages 200mls of formula she's like a new baby, sleeping so much better at night with her full tummy. It's hard at first making her hang out for so long in between feeds but it's well worth it.
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My little guy is on S26 and never had any problems - every kid is different smile
i just went from breast to forumla the amount say on tin, mine says three feeds, aalthough she has 4, 3 serves 210 x3 =630mls. 630mls devided by 4 feeds 157 so i make 180 mls she has what she wants. hope that helps
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