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what age did you swap to a bottle Lock Rss

im thinking about swapping kayden from breast to bottle, because i starte taking the "more milk" tablets to bring my supply back in and i think im over it because it seems like such a hassle. I give him a bottle at night, but think it might just be easier to give a bottle all day? he is only 6months, and i know some mums who can breast feed for ages... i just dont know if i can do it any more. He also now has 4 teeth 2 top, & 2 bottom. Please tell me when you swapped to bottle, and if you had reasons let me know grin for weekly specials on nappies and other baby products! -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Im kind of a mixture of both Leia, my baby of 13 months has a breastfeed morning and afternoon and a bottle as well in the evening. I also had problems with my supply as i was very stressed when she was 5 months, took fennel tea and it all came back!
Then my bub had a breast strike for a week a few weeks ago and refused to take the boobie, i was surprised how devastated i felt as i always thought i would have weaned by 12 months. After a week of a whingy baby, i thought i would offer the boob again and to my surprise it was like it had never been rejected!
When the teeth came in you do get a couple of nips but its over before you know it.
I love the closeness to my bub, my DH also loves to be able to give her the bottle at night, although shes big enough to hold it herself now!
Thats my story anyway. smile

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

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