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Weaning Off The Breast Lock Rss

Hello, Im planning to wean my daughter off the breast as she bites and pulls my nipple every time i feed. Not just once but acouple times and omg it kills. Im really proud of myself. Before i was pregnant i said im only going to feed her till she gets teeth. Well she got her teeth at 4months. So i kept going and being strong to the 6month mark and now i cant do it anymore. Shes 6 1/2months. Tomorrow im going to the clinic to talk about it more with them but i just would like to know what im expected to go though in the next acouple weeks. Thankyou

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

Angus was born the same day as your daughter and I have just started weaning, mostly coz I would like another bub close in age. My plan was to replace 1 feed with formula for starters, for past few days I have given him a bottle in place of 11oclock breastfeed- yesterday he drank the whole bottle. He didn't like the karicare formula but seems to like s26 gold. I started on the newborn one as I was told its closer to breastmilk. only prob is by the time he's ready for next feed about 3pm my boobs are ready to explode. I'm trying not to express unless I really get uncomfortable as I'm told if you express you just make more milk so hoping things will regulate . I'd love to hear how others went with weaning as I'm not sure whether I'm doing the right thing-when should I replace another feed? Good luck and let me know how you go


I stopped breast feeding but my breasts are still full of milk, any help would be great.
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