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How to dry up breastmilk naturally? Lock Rss

My DS has completly refused to drink from me for the last 6 weeks so i have been expressing, now i have got mastitus i am on antibiodics and that is clearing now...

I want to stop the milk all together naturally what is the best way to go about it, i have been trying for 3 days now at night times it is the worst trying to sleep...

Has anyone stopped during the day but kept producing at night?

The doctor gave me a script for kripton 2.5mg but she said that there are a lot of side effects like getting depresion...

any feedback would be great, i didn;t think it would be this hard to stop.....

thanx in advance

Hi Sam,

firstly, drying up can take up to 3 weeks or so - so I was told by my CHN.

Try to increase the amount of time between expressions. If you're used to expressing every 3-4 hours increase that time and see how far you can go. Better still try dropping an expression time (if that makes sense).

Express, or hand express, just small amounts at a time until you feel comfortable. Remember, the more you express will mean the more milk you'll prouduce. It may take a little while but this is possibly the most natural way.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

Ella''''''''s mum 3/3/07


I just asked the same thing in General Discussion and I received a few responses that might help you...

I was prescibed KRIPTON too but I have been too scared to take it cos of the side effects, I looked it up on the net and there a few side effects that dont sound too good and I cant handle the pain anymore aswell, I have had mastitis twice and its terrible so i know the pain you are talking about and im so sick of being engorged all the time but have a look at my other post and see if any suit you.

Let me know how you go : )

Lots of cabbage... Buy a whole cabbage from the supermarket and keep it in the fridge. Put the cabbage leaves in your bra and wear it as long as you can. THey dont know what is in the cabbage that makes it dry up breastmilk but it is scientifically proven!!!!!
It helps relieve some of the soreness too.
Good luck
I was advised by my CHN to drop one feed per day then two after a couple of days and continue until my breast milk had dried up. I felt absolutely no pain, was often engorged in the mornings but once I had dropped 3 feeds this calmed down dramatically.
So try cutting it back gradually. I am sure this will help.
thankyou for your reply's just letting you no now i hsve dropped al;l feeds furing the day and ds just feeds once at night from me i don't feel engorged any more or hot nothing it is good that i can still feed him at night

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