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Boosting milk supply Lock Rss

The last few days I haven't had that much milk to give my little one, they haven't felt full at all. She has been feeding every couple of hours, as usual, but now at night she is feeding every couple of hours. She has a tooth coming through and I think she's comfort feeding some of the time but when I used the breast pump to check how much I had I didnt get much out.
Does anyone know how I can boost my supply? Or has anyone had the same problem or got advise?
I have heard that rasberry leaf tea works really well at boosting your milk supply. You can take it as a tablet or a tea bag (unfortantly it doesnt takes like rasberry). I also had trouble with milk supply I tried a tablet called Motilium which is prescribed it boosted my milk supply a little but not enough and works differently for everyone.

My friend who tried to tea said she could feel her milk supply come back really quickly, you can buy it at health food stores.

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