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Avent Breast Pump... Lock Rss

I have just purchased an Avent Isis breast pump, after reading so many good things about it. And being in desperate need to boost my milk supply (that's another story). But have found it hasn't got much suction. The first time I used it, it worked fine on my right breast, then I swapped to the left and found I couldn't get any suction. Thinking my boob just wasn't full enough I gave up after about 10mins. But since then I have tried about four more times to use it, but haven't been able to get enough suction to express any milk at all! Has anyone else had this problem? I am desperately trying to keep my milk (my baby is 4mths), and normal feeds don't seem to be keeping him happy.

Mum to 5 - NSW

have you got it all attached together properly (its easiest when its wet)

make sure you are super realxed when you are expressing and try and look at bubs to stimulate the letdown. Try having a hot shower before you pump.

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I had the same problem but then I took off the silicon piece that went around the bit you put on your breast and it worked wonders AND it doesnt hurt. Give it a whirl and let us know how you go!

Hi Tabbitha. I too have a avent isis breast pump and find them fantastic. You say your having problems with it and have tried assembling it again, try replacing the small white valve or making sure it's pushed up correctly ( the small disc between the bottle and pump. Sometimes you can put it in incorrectly therefore it doesn't suck as well. If this doesn't work try feeding you little one till you feel your let down then express.

Hope it all works out...

Belinda, mum to Tempany

I too had difficulty using the pump to begin with, not sure if it was suction or just me, took me a couple of weeks to get enough milk for a feed in one sitting, I just kept doing after each feed. I spoke with Breastfeeding Assoc and they said that espressing has a diffrent suction on the boob to baby sucking. Keep going with it, it will take some time.

Kylie, Vic, Baby Boy


I also have a Avent breast pump and all the other replys given to you were right to check all equipt.

I am replying because you said your milk supply was low. I also had the same problem try taking Fenugreek it is known to thin out mucus but what a lot of people don't know is it is also known for increasing your milk supply, it worked for me. It's all natural you can get it from some pharmacy's and Health Food shops. It takes up to 3 days to take affect. But if you want more info just look up Fenugreek on the net and you will see how many websites there are with this herb and the ability to increase breast milk, now it does not work for everyone but everyone I have recommended it to have thanked me for telling them about it.

All the best

Mother of 3yr old and 4mths old beautiful girls

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