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How to stop ur milk supply Lock Rss

I stopped breast feeding 7 weeks ago and i still have milk, any suggestions?
i stopped 3.5 mths ago and i still have milk. its not leaking so im not too worried about it. and its only a tiny amount finally


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

try the dr i believe you can take something so that you are at less risk of developing mastitis

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

I stopped brest feeding when my son was around 8 month old as I was due back to work when he was 10month.
Between breast feeds I was starting to introduce bottle feeds as I needed this to be established so my mother and mother inlaw were able to look after him.
As he got used to the bottle I would offer him the breast a lot less. My breasts did start to hurt so I relieved them by expressing only small amounts to take away the pressure.
If you drain them fully with the pump then they will keep up the supply as if you were normaly breast feeding. Our bodys only make what we use so each time I bottle fed my son I would use the pump a little to releive the pressure. In the end my milk became less and less until it was all gone.
I never got mastitis I was told you can get this if you stop instantly and dont let your body adjust.
I did try to stop overnight and had such a lot of pain i couldnt lift my arm up.
So my only suggestion is to do it slowly and rotate between bottle and pump this is what worked for me. Making sure only take the pressure off each breast dont drain them as you will never get rid of the milk.

My little man 12.11.03

Hi Megan7,

I think that its different with everyone and any prolonged concerns should be express at your family doctor for extra advise and expertise.

When I stop breastfeeding my daughter (she was a big feeder and my breast milk wasnt enough for her!!) my breast were swollen like a rockmelon!! It was very sore and tender for a few days and didnt leak much milk (I was told that is was unusual).

My friend stop breastfeeding and she had alot of milk leakage for about a week and she had to place a piece of lettuce to cool each breast down!! So I think that if its really troubling you, maybe a doctor may help.

I hope that it all works out for you and good luck.


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