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Please help green poo Lock Rss


Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My Ds has always had yellow poo, he is breastfeed and has just had a green mucus poo. Just wondering if some knows what this would be from[/img][/url]

My bub has always been bottlefed so it may not be the same but she has done some wonderful shades of poo, including a wonderful green one. She has even done a multicoloured yellow and green stripe!! I usually just go by the rule that if it's a one off then fine but if it is combined with the usual checkpoints (temperature, wee, feeding etc) then worry. I've not been able to pinpoint why this happens but maybe with breastfeeding it could be something as simple as the food you ate that day.

Not much help but i know what its like to post something and have no one reply.
my bub has green poo occasionally. I think i have linked it to when i remembered to take iron tablets (for pregnancy and breastfeeding).
Don't worry to much about poo color (except red blood)
by the time you have a toddler you would have seen every color in the poo

Has your baby recently been vaccinated? After my son was vaccinated he had a few green mucous, stringy poo's and he is also fully breastfeed. I guess this could be from the polio or rotavirus vaccines ? If it continues and your still concerned contact your local health centre (speak to the midwife/nurse) where you take your baby to be weighed and measured.

Hope this helps.


When my DS was doing green poo's it was because he was getting to much foremilk and not enough hindmilk. The advice my midwife gave me was not to worry about it unless it persisted for 48 hours. Unfortuately it did because we were having massive breastfeeding problems but that is another story. If it does carry on for your bubs then maybe see a lactation consultant. It could be caused through a number of things. If it appears to be a one off or something that happens only once and a while then you can probably ignore it.

i took my bubba to the clinic this morning and ask the poo question as my bubba had a green poo nappy. She said it could be from some thing i ate and unless its lime green blood stained or mucussy which you said it was not to worry. If it happens again go to your GP or local clinic
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