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Jealous Hubby Lock Rss

My Husband has been very good helping look after our baby girl, he changes her, dresses her, bathes her. I am fully breast feeding and having no problems but he has suggested putting her on a bottle. I've wondered if he is jealous of the bond babe and I have when I feed her. Anyone else has similar experiences? This is our first baby and he is also suggesting the next one or two I had a bad birth experience which included being induced, epidural, episiotomy, forceps delivery and large loss of blood. She was born with the cord around her neck and she swallowed some meconium. The experience left me feeling that she might be our one and only or if another is in our future maybe a few years away.

Bess, NZ baby girl 01 July 2005

jealousy could be the prob - or he may also see how run down you are getting by all the bfing (we sometimes cant see it)

If you are having no probs bfing I wouldnt start formula however ther is no reason why you cant express some breast milk during the day and he can feed bubs at night (while he's feeding express again to keep up your milk supply)

My hubby got bored after a few days and let me go back to exclusive bfing ROFL

Good luck


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Bess,
You could always express milk, It doesnt realy take that long, I used to express 2 bottles a day, when I was still able to breast feed and DP would feed our little one at night when he come home from work, and also an early feed in the morning, which was good as I could have a nice relaxing bath in the arvo and a bit more sleep in the morning and DP realy enjoyed it it also gave him a chance to bond more with her.

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

It is possible your hubby feels left out when it comes to feeding his little girl. I know mine did. However when I infomed him of the benefits of Breastmilk he was much more relaxed about it all and I ended up feeding for 22months.

We also found my first birth to be very traumatic (not at all the way either of us imagined). I have since realised that I used breastfeeding as my way of "showing the world" that I could "mother" a baby.
Maybe thats also why hubby wanted to feed her??!!

This birth experience was the most wonderful experience of my life (no complications and no induction even tho I was nearly 2 weeks over) and and I have had no issues with hubby wanting to 'take over' either (and he still helps with bub).

I have learnt over the last 5 years that you have to go with the flow when parenting and just do what your WISOM AND YOUR HEART tell you to do (because sometimes as parents we FEEL like crap and you wouldn't want to base your decisions on that).

I would personally really like to encourage you to continue breastfeeding. It may seem a struggle sometimes but I believe it is well worthwhile. (And if hubby is jealous then tell him that when baby's 6 months old he can feed her solids while you put your feet up!!)

Whataheart - Girls16/1/00, 28/4/05 & 04/09/08

Ohhh Peter got like that.
He actually started to argue with me about which would be best for us both.
I said its my choice as a woman to breast feed and HE was like I know but wouldnt it be easier to bottle feed.
We wold go out and he would be embarrased about me and my boobs. If bayden started crying from hunger pete would say "see this wouldnt happen if he was on the bottle i could feed him while u drove" and stuff like that.
So I began to express a few feeds a week for pete to feed.
After I yelled at him and said see if I care if you dont like try and stop me...and I gave him the expressed feeds he was ok.
I think he felt left out and upset. I was spending all my time feeding and I also got very sick with mastitis and i was constanly tired and never paying him attention.
I would just sy tell him to leave u alone like I did with pete its your choice and porogative as a woman to feed her child

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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